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• File Claims Obama s Father Paid for Abortion of His Half-Sibling

• Pro-Life Gov. Tim Pawlenty Announcing GOP Presidential Bid Monday

Sarah Palin: I Have the Fire in My Belly, But Will She Run?
• Herman Cain to Announce Run for GOP Nomination Saturday

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• Kate Walsh Plugs Pro-Abortion Propaganda on Private Practice
• Study: Government Spends Too Much on Children Not Aborted
• Texas Gov. Rick Perry Signs Ultrasound Before Abortion Bill
• Paralyzed Man Stands, Takes Steps After New Treatments
• Minnesota Gov. Dayton Gets 20-Week Abortion, Tax-Funding Ban
• Virginia Health Dept Rejects Planned Parenthood Expansion
• Tennessee Leg. OKs Pro-Life Ballot Proposal Limiting Abortion
• Right to Life Runs Radio Ad on Jack Davis Endorsing Abortion

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File Claims Obama s Father Paid for Abortion of His Half-Sibling
Newly-uncovered immigration files that are beginning to receive attention on the Internet make the claim that President Barack Obama s father got another woman pregnant after his birth and sent her to England for an abortion.

The immigration files in question were recently released under the Freedom of Information Act and they concern Barack Obama Sr. s time spent at Harvard University and the University of Hawaii from 1959-1964. They were obtain to supposedly answer questions about why President Obama s father left the United States and returned just once to see Barack before he passed away.

The files contain information, according to the London Telegraph, showing Barack Obama Sr. married Ann Dunham, Obama s white mother, and they contain a memo describing Obama Sr. as having already been married to a woman in Kenya and claiming that he had been running around with several girls since arriving in Hawaii. The couple wound up divorcing in January 1964 and Obama Sr. went to Massachusetts to study at Harvard.

Two months later, according to the Telegraph, Obama Sr. reportedly impregnated a high school student participating in an exchange program from Kenya.

The suspicion exists, the March 1964 document said, that she may have gone to London for [redacted] but the Telegraph assumes the report indicates the young girl went to the UK for an abortion, because they were illegal in the United States at the time.

Jack Cashill, writing at the American Thinker, claims there is no guesswork and that the files clearly show Obama s father sent the Kenyan girl to England for an abortion of someone who would have become his sibling.

Only the British press has addressed the most scandalous allegation in these documents. Key words were redacted in the file, but the redactions do not hide the abortion of what would have been Barack Obama s half sister or brother, he writes. A March 1964 INS document more than suggests that Obama impregnated a Kenyan high school girl in Massachusetts on an exchange program. The girl left inexplicably for London a trip almost assuredly subsidized by the 29 year-old Obama and this caught the attention of our then vigilant immigration officials.

Pro-Life Gov. Tim Pawlenty Announcing GOP Presidential Bid Monday
Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is expected to announce on Monday that he is officially declaring his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. The governor has built up a pro-life record that is appealing to social conservatives.

Pawlenty s campaign for the Republican nomination will have him become part of a field that is ultimately expected to be less crowded than previously though thanks to decisions by Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and Haley Barbour to not seek the GOP nomination. Huckabee s decision, in particular, is seen my many political observers as given Pawlenty a chance to resonate with pro-life voters in states like Iowa and South Carolina.

A Pawlenty aide confirmed to the Associated Press today that the announcement is forthcoming and the governor will make the announcement at 11:30 a.m. at the Historical building in Des Moines, Iowa a state where Pawlenty has said he needs to do well in order to springboard to the upper echelon in the polls and capture New Hampshire and other states that vote next. After the announcement, Pawlenty is expected to deliver speeches in the Granite State along with Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C.

The former governor served as a state legislator and local city official before heading up the largely Democratic state where he won two consecutive statewide elections with an increasing percentage the second time around in what was otherwise a poor 2006 election year for Republican candidates. During his time as governor, Pawlenty built up a sterling pro-life record and worked closely with Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life to advocate the pro-life position. Following Governor Pawlenty s two terms, the number of abortions dropped 14 percent and reached a 35-year low.

Governor Pawlenty has been a powerful ally of MCCL and the pro-life movement for many years. He strongly supports life-affirming legislation to inform and support pregnant women, who are now feeling empowered to give life to their unborn babies, says MCCL executive director Scott Fischbach.

Sarah Palin: I Have the Fire in My Belly, But Will She Run?
Last night in a Fox News interview, former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin confirmed she has the fire in my belly to make a run for the Republican nomination for president. Still she gave no clues whether she will do so.

During her Thursday night appearance on On the Record with Greta Van Sustren on the Fox news Channel, Palin was asked if she had the fire in the belly for a GOP presidential campaign. The question is particularly important given that two of the people who had secured a good percentage of the vote among Republicans looking at likely presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump both announced recently they will forgo a presidential run themselves.

That s a great question, Palin said. I think my problem is that I do have the fire in my belly. I am so adamantly supportive of the good traditional things about America and our free enterprise system and I want to make sure America is put back on the right track and we will do that by defeating Obama in 2012. I have that fire in my belly.

Yet Palin pointed to the kinds of hurdles she would have in waging a battle to capture the Republican nomination the same one that made it so Haley Barbour, the Mississippi governor, decided against a campaign himself: family considerations.

It s a matter for me of practical, pragmatic decisions that have to be made, Palin said. One is, with a large family, understanding the huge amount of scrutiny and the sacrifices that have to be made on my children s part in order to see their momma run for president. But yeah the fire in the belly it is there.

Herman Cain to Announce Run for GOP Nomination Saturday
Businessman Herman Cain will announce tomorrow he is officially a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. The Georgia-based businessman will make the announcement in his home state.

Cain, a former Atlanta conservative talk radio show host and former candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, is expected to inform friends, family and supporters of his decision at a rally Saturday at Centennial Olympic Park. Cain is also the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and is running on the Republican side along with former Georgia congressman and House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The former Godfather s Pizza CEO turned in a performance at the recent debate in South Carolina wither other possible Republican presidential hopefuls that inspired watchers and elevated him slightly from his low ranking in the polls both nationally and in key early primary and caucus states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

Kate Walsh Plugs Pro-Abortion Propaganda on Private Practice
As far as I m concerned, there s a circle in Hell reserved for late-term abortionists. But this is the Obama era, so Hollywood makes TV shows casting them as heroic figures. Such is the state of our popular culture.

On the May 12 episode of ABC s Private Practice, Dr. Addison Montgomery (played by actress Kate Walsh, a real-life Planned Parenthood activist) spewed the strongest pro-abortion pro-choice rhetoric as she performed a partial-birth abortion on a woman who thought she d already had an abortion two months before.

I hate what I m about to do, but I support Patty s right to choose, the doctor declares. It is not enough just to have an opinion, because in a nation of over 300 million people, there are only 1,700 abortion providers. And I m one of them.

The poor, poor killer of babies. ABC should have cued the orchestra to swell up and champion the few and the proud, followed by the on-screen credit, This message brought to you by Planned Parenthood. It was that blatant.

There were no cheers for this very special episode from the usual liberal TV critics, and feminist groups weren t shaking pom-poms either. But there s probably a Planned Parenthood Maggie Award for Media Excellence in ABC s future. Walsh won this award in 2008 for her extensive advocacy efforts on behalf of affordable family planning services and real sex education.

Study: Government Spends Too Much on Children Not Aborted
A new study conducted by the Brookings Institution essentially says the government pays too much money on children born from unintended pregnancies who may otherwise have become victims of abortion.

The non-profit organization says unintended pregnancies, that could be prevented with abortion or efforts promoting contraception or birth control, cost the federal and state governments more than $11 billion a year.

Adam Thomas, research director at the institution s Center on Children and Families and co-author of the paper, told the Dow Jones News service: You re not going to balance the budget by implementing pregnancy-prevention policies it s a small slice of the pie, but he said governments could reduce the cost of the pregnancies by doing more to promote such programs.

Thomas and co-author Emily Monea estimate governments spent between $9.6 billion and $12.6 billion on more than 1.2 million unintended pregnancies in 2001 and that the money covered 168, 000 abortions, 782,000 births and medical care for infants five or younger because women who unintentionally get pregnancy are of lower income and would qualify for the medical care and abortion costs in states that pay for abortions with taxpayer funds.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Signs Ultrasound Before Abortion Bill
Thanks to Governor Rick Perry, legislation that will allow women who are considering an abortion to see an ultrasound of their unborn child beforehand will become state law.

Governor Perry was pleased to sign this important legislation, which bolsters our efforts to protect life by ensuring Texans are fully informed when considering such an important decision, said Katherine Cesinger, a spokeswoman for the governor, according to various media reports.

The legislation allows women to see the ultrasound 24 hours before the abortion and abortion centers typically do ultrasounds to estimate the age of the baby before the abortion but they don t normally allow women a chance to see or explain to them in detail the development of their unborn child. When used in pregnancy centers offering abortion alternatives, approximately 80 percent of women change their mind about having an abortion.

Women who live 100 miles or more from am abortion center wait two hours from the ultrasound to the abortion and they are given the option to decline to view the ultrasound.

The Senate passed the bill on second reading on a 21-10 vote and all hostile, pro-abortion amendments by Sens. Wendy Davis, Jose Rodriguez, and Leticia Van de Putte were defeated. After the Texas Senate signed off on the legislation, the state House, on a 94-41 vote, voted to concur on the Senate changes to HB 15, the sonogram bill.

Paralyzed Man Stands, Takes Steps After New Treatments
It isn t a cure (a term way overused in health care stories), but it could one day improve the lives and health of millions of people with spinal cord injury.

Minnesota Gov. Dayton Gets 20-Week Abortion, Tax-Funding Ban
Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton today received bills from the Minnesota legislature that would implement a 20-week abortion ban and would ban taxpayer funding of abortions in the state, but he is expected to veto both.

Virginia Health Dept Rejects Planned Parenthood Expansion
The Virginia Health Department has rejected a request by the Planned Parenthood abortion business to expand the number of operating tables at its facility in Virginia Beach, where pro-life advocates expect more abortions to occur.

Tennessee Leg. OKs Pro-Life Ballot Proposal Limiting Abortion
The state legislature has approved a state ballot proposal that will allow Tennessee voters to run back a pro-abortion ruling by the state Supreme Court that prevents lawmakers from putting in place any pro-life laws to limit abortion.

Right to Life Runs Radio Ad on Jack Davis Endorsing Abortion
On Tuesday May 24th, voters in New York s 26th district will vote in a special election to fill the seat of former Rep. Chris Lee (R), who resigned in February. Pro-abortion Democrats are out in full force promoting their candidate, Kathy Hochul.


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