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• Girl Killed by Abortion Drug Followed Old Planned Parenthood Policy

• Harry Reid Sets Up Senate Vote on Goodwin Liu Thursday

Wisconsin Cmte Cuts $1M to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
• Five Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning on Abortion

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• New Pro-Life Web Site Links Girl Scouts With Planned Parenthood
• Adult Stem Cell Success: Cells Touted as Curing Man s AIDS
• Senate Parental Notification Bill Would Stop Teen Abortions
• Pro-Life Democrat Still Trying to Shut Down Pro-Life Group
• Why I m Running Across the USA to Raise Pro-Life Awareness
• Pro-Abortion Vandalism Spreads as Pro-Life Groups Office Hit
• Wisconsin: Thompson Would Change Kohl Senate Seat on Abortion

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Girl Killed by Abortion Drug Followed Old Planned Parenthood Policy
A teenage girl who was recently killed by a deadly infection following usage of the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug followed the same Planned Parenthood protocols for taking the drug that claimed the lives of women in the United States.

As reported this week, the Portuguese girl in question died after an abortion with the RU 486 abortion drug caused Clostridium sordellii septic shock, the same deadly infection that caused the death of Holly Patterson and other women in the U.S.

The information about the abortion death came in the abstract of a study accepted for publication and submitted to the recent 21st European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) conference held from May 7-10 in Milan, Italy. The publication revealed the 16-year-old received 200 mg of oral mifepristone followed by 800 of vaginal misoprostol.

She went to the maternity hospital s emergency room five days after receiving mifepristone, complaining of lipothimia in the night before and abdominal cramping.

On admission, she was conscient, afebrile and hypotense, the study indicated. A few hours later she developed a rapid onset-sepsis with marked leukocitosis, hemoconcentration, and severe metabolic acidosis. The patient underwent a hysterectomy and uterus biopsy cultures and anatomopathological analysis were requested. Patient was transferred to intensive care unit and died 18 hours after presenting to emergency.

So far, eight women in the U.S. have died from the use of the abortion drug, including women going to Planned Parenthood abortion centers in California. Planned Parenthood had been telling women to use the abortion drug vaginally, as the Portuguese teen used it, even though the FDA indicated oral use is safer for women. It wasn t until four California women all died within a week of using the abortion drug they received from Planned Parenthood abortion businesses that it changed its policy to conform to the FDA protocol.

Harry Reid Sets Up Senate Vote on Goodwin Liu Thursday
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed cloture on the nomination of pro-abortion advocate Goodwin Liu, of California, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit. The Senate will vote Thursday on his nomination.

Reid spoke in favor of Liu on the floor of the Senate, claiming, Everyone agrees that Goodwin Liu s nomination is far from the extraordinary circumstance that would warrant a filibuster. The only extraordinary things about Liu are his experience, his accomplishments, and his integrity. He should be confirmed.

At the very least, he should undoubtedly deserve an up-or-down vote, Reid added. Senate Republicans have already forgotten the nuclear option. Today they re threatening to block this highly qualified nominee from confirmation. Vacancies on the federal bench delay justice for citizens seeking help from our judicial system, and it isn t fair to leave in limbo well-qualified nominees. So I m forced now to file cloture in order to ensure Goodwin Liu gets the vote he deserves.

Tom McClusky, of the Family Research Council, responded to Reid s comments, saying, Perhaps in Senator Reid s fantasy world Goodwin Liu is a fantastic nominee. Most people agree that the nomination of Goodwin Liu is one of those rare instances constituting extraordinary circumstances where the U. S. Senate should reject this nominee as unsuitable for a lifetime appointment.

McClusky said extraordinary circumstances is the standard agreed to by the bipartisan Gang of 14 U.S. Senators in 2005 for opposing judicial nominations.

Liu has repeatedly shown a lack of respect for the Constitution as the Supreme law of the land, McClusky said. Liu holds a radical view of constitutional rights. For example, in his 2008 Stanford Law Review article he supports a judicial role in establishing constitutional welfare rights This is the view of rights President Obama raised that caused a stir, and which Judge Sotomayor rejected when asked if she took such a view during her confirmation hearing.

Wisconsin Cmte Cuts $1M to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
Wisconsin could become the next state to cut state taxpayer funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion business under the family planning program and direct the funds to agencies that don t do abortions.

The Joint Finance Committee voted today 12-4 to keep state family planning programs funded with state and federal taxpayer dollars from going to any agency that does abortions or makes referrals for them, thereby eliminating the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. The total family planning funds were also cut 10%, or just under $200,000, to a total of $1.7 million and the funds will now be directed fully to legitimate medical centers.

The motion directs that state family planning dollars and federal moneys for family planning from the Title V program be given to county health departments. County health departments are prohibited from giving the taxpayer dollars to organizations that perform abortions or do abortion referrals, or to subsidiaries of organizations that perform abortions or do abortion referrals.

Alberta Darling, a Republican legislator and former Planned Parenthood board member, said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I see this as a very positive effort to retain critical health care services for women. And Sen. Glenn Grothman, another Republican, said taxpayers should not be on the hook for an abortion business: There s a very ugly side to this organization, and I regret that they re going to take such a tiny cut in this budget. ACTION: Encourage your state legislators to support Planned Parenthood de-funding at

Five Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning on Abortion
Trevin Wax, an editor at LifeWay Christian resources and a blogger at Kingdom People, is out with an article that is making the rounds in pro-life circles explaining five reasons why he believes the pro-life movement is winning on the issue of abortion.

Wax says the pro-life movement is moving in the right direction on public opinion, he sees the mainstream media as moving away slightly from the pro-abortion mantra, and he points out the next generation or two of Americans are taking strongly pro-life positions and, like Justin Bieber, going as far as saying they are pro-life in public and not worrying about any backlash.

Wax also contends black and Hispanic pro-life advocates are joining the pro-life movement, which has long since been dominated by Catholics and evangelicals. He calls them the Third Wave of pro-life advocates who will make the pro-life perspective even more mainstream especially among people who have a tendency to vote for abortion advocates for elected office. Ultimately, he believes abortion advocates are on the defensive saying they are having to downplay abortion in favor of verbiage on women s health

He concludes: The tipping point in favor of the pro-life cause is not evident to all. Time magazine recently chose Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards for their 100 Most Influential List (a decision akin to choosing segregationist George Wallace over crusader Martin Luther King, Jr.). There is much work to be done. The abortion debate will not go away. The fundamental issue at stake is not reproductive freedom but the desire to extend human rights to all even the smallest and most vulnerable human beings among us. Those who continue to ignore or deny the humanity of the unborn are increasingly on the defensive because new technologies are opening the window into the womb. What we find there are not tissues to be discarded, but human lives worth protecting.

New Pro-Life Web Site Links Girl Scouts With Planned Parenthood
A new pro-life website set up by two teen siblings exposes the links and connections between the Girl Scouts of America and the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Last year, the Girl Scout organization came under fire nationally when the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides hosted a no-adults-welcome panel at the United Nations where Planned Parenthood was allowed to distribute a brochure entitled Healthy, Happy and Hot. The brochure, aimed at young people living with HIV, contains explicit and graphic details on sex, as well as the promotion of casual sex in many forms.

In 2004, a report from a pro-life group that monitors Planned Parenthood indicated more than one-quarter of GSA troops work with the pro-abortion group. Of the 315 Girl Scout councils in the U.S. at that time, 17 councils reported having a relationship with Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, and 49 reported they do not. The other 249 refused to disclose any relationship.

After learning of these disturbing links, teen siblings Sydney and Tess Volanski decided to leave their local Girl Scout group after eight years of involvement and they have decided to launch a new web site called SPEAK NOW: Girl Scouts exposing the distribution of the brochures at the UN meeting and other links between the young girls organization and the abortion business.

Sydney told the pro-life group Concerned Women for America, Even though they denied this involvement we wanted to make sure that we knew what we were supporting by being a Girl Scout, so we continued to research the connection.

Adult Stem Cell Success: Cells Touted as Curing Man s AIDS
The story of the Berlin Patient , Timothy Ray Brown, has popped up again in the news, as we approach the 30th anniversary of the discovery of HIV, the AIDS virus. The story is indeed captivating Brown has experienced a functional cure of his AIDS due to a targeted adult stem cell transplant.

The story first broke in 2008, and initial transplant results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Brown was treated for leukemia with an adult stem cell transplant, which is becoming a standard treatment. But the doctors, knowing that Brown had AIDS, used specific adult stem cells from a donor selected because the donor s cells lacked a key protein, CCR5, that the AIDS virus must bind to infect a cell. Not only did Brown recover from his leukemia, but the AIDS virus seemed to disappear from his system.

Senate Parental Notification Bill Would Stop Teen Abortions
Members of the U.S. Senate have introduced new pro-life legislation designed to protect the rights of parents when it comes to their teenage daughters having an abortion.

Senator John Boozman, an Arkansas Republican, introduced the Parental Notification and Intervention Act, legislation that he says would arm parents in every state with the right to stop teen abortions. The bill, co-sponsored by five other Republican senators, requires that parents be notified by certified mail at least four days in advance of any abortion to be performed on their minor daughter and gives them power to stop an abortion from being performed.

The four-day waiting period in the bill, S. 1005, is designed to give parents the power to use legal action to block the abortion in court and the legislation makes it so a district court would be required to issue an injunction preventing an abortion on a young girl s baby until the issue has been adjudicated and the judgment is final.

The court shall issue relief permanently enjoining the abortion unless the court determines that granting such relief would be unlawful, the bill says.

Pro-Life Democrat Still Trying to Shut Down Pro-Life Group
A defeated pro-life Democratic congressman is still continuing his efforts to shut down a pro-life group he claims lied about his voting record in terms of supporting abortion funding via Obamacare.

Why I m Running Across the USA to Raise Pro-Life Awareness
Four and a half years ago, I had just finished the worst week of my life. After a long battle with cancer, my mom passed away. Watching her give up the fight was filled with excruciating pain both on her part and on the part of the rest of my family. It s difficult to watch someone you love suffer. And then on the night of her funeral my wife called and told me she wanted a divorce. We had been college sweethearts and married less than a year.

Pro-Abortion Vandalism Spreads as Pro-Life Groups Office Hit
The recent spate of pro-abortion vandalism that has seen several displays of crosses vandalized that had been set up to memorialize unborn children killed in abortions is continuing. Now, a national pro-life group has been hi.

Wisconsin: Thompson Would Change Kohl Senate Seat on Abortion
It did not take long for the race to fill the seat of retiring pro-abortion Senator Herb Kohl to heat up. Kohl s retirement changes a solidly Democratic Senate seat into one the nation s greatest toss-up races for 2012.


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