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Abortion: the 'Greatest Threat' to the Disabled

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I wanted to share with you this great article just published about the conference Human Life International is presenting this October in Omaha, Nebraska in partnership with the Nebraska Bishops' Pro-Life Office and the Archdiocese of Omaha Respect Life Apostolate. Life, Dignity, and Disability: A Faith that Welcomes will truly be a unique and exciting conference that you won't want to miss.

I hope you are able to register and join us in just a few short weeks, but if you're unable to attend, please consider supporting HLI's efforts with a generous donation today. God bless you for all your prayers and support.  

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Abortion the 'greatest threat' to the disabled: organizer of 'Life, Dignity, & Disability' conference

By Peter Baklinski

( In a culture that kills for convenience, one of the most threatened populations is the disabled, according to one of the organizers of a conference on "Life, Dignity, & Disability" to be held in Omaha, Nebraska October 18-19.

Already many disabled, including up to 90% of children diagnosed with Down syndrome, never see the light of day, thanks to prenatal diagnosis and legalized abortion. But, according to Arland Nichols, the Director of Education and Evangelization at Human Life International, the practice of aborting the disabled leads invariably to a "dehumanizing of disabled persons" that will in turn lead to "policies, programs and mentalities" that will harm those already born members of the disability community.  
Omaha conference speakers 
The impressive list of speakers at the conference in Omaha include Bishop James D. Conley, Peter Kreeft, Joseph Pearce, Fr. Shenan Boquet and more.
Instead of killing the disabled, they deserve our "love, respect, support, and recognition of their full and authentic dignity as human beings made in the image and likeness of God," Nichols told
Nichols said that abortion is the biggest threat that the disabled community faces today. Calling abortion the "silent killer" of the disabled, he said that major national disability groups advocating for the disability community will not speak out against abortion targeting the youngest of the disabled for fear of political backlash or losing donors.
But they do so at their own peril, he added, since when people justify killing persons in the womb because they are disabled, there is nothing logically stopping them from killing a disabled person outside the womb.
The idea of culling the disabled is not an idea that is buried in the history books about the horrors of the Nazi's eugenics programs.
A U.K. politician this year called for disabled children to be "put down" who place too great a burden on health care services. Meanwhile, last month a family of an autistic boy received an anonymous hate letter that suggested the family move or "euthanize" him. In June a 14-year-old severely autistic boy was murdered with a kitchen knife when his mother decided that his "emotional condition had deteriorated" and made him 'unfit to live'.
Nichols said that the problem boils down to people having a "utilitarian viewpoint" of the human person, namely that a human person only has "worth and "dignity" insofar as he or she is "useful" and contributes "meaningfully" to society.
"Persons who are disabled do not fit that sort of standard," he said. "They are seen as a 'burden', as someone who can be discarded, as someone who's family even have an obligation to discard because of the burden they will place on society."
The conference, organized with the Nebraska Bishops' Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities and the Archdiocese of Omaha Respect Life Apostolate, will shed light on relevant issues related to life, dignity, and disabilities and provide practical guidance for pastoral care.
The event is designed for clergy and religious, parents and caregivers, pro-life activists, and those who desire to explore, learn, and live out the social teaching of the Catholic Church.
In addition to Nichols, the impressive list of speakers include Bishop James D. Conley, Peter Kreeft, Joseph Pearce, Fr. Shenan Boquet and more.
Pope John Paul II once said: "A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members..."
For Nichols, the meaning behind these words is simple: "We are called to treat the least among us as though they are - and in God's eyes they are - the greatest among us."
Find out more information about "Life, Dignity, & Disability" here

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