Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The President called PersonhoodUSA “absurd”

Obama Attacks PersonhoodUSA!

As we previously told you, at this year's Planned Parenthood annual fundraising gala, President Obama directly attacked PersonhoodUSA's Mississippi ballot initiative! The President's comments were an aggressive assault on the lives of hundreds of thousands of unborn children all across Mississippi and across America.
Now that we have ballot initiatives going in North Dakota and Colorado - what will he say and do next to hurt our cause for life!?
Barack Obama is the most anti-life President in U.S. history, and with video cameras rolling he decided to make PersonhoodUSA his latest target!
The President called our movement "absurd" and attempted to distort the facts in front of an audience that supports the killing of over 300,000 innocent babies a year. Mr. President, what is truly absurd is your support for a gruesome practice that has created monsters like Kermit Gosnell!
In order to stop President Obama's crusade against Personhood, we are calling all hands on deck! Sign up for our monthly membership club, the LifeGuards today and we will send you a FREE t-shirt so that you can let every anti-life activist that you aren't intimidated by a presidential attack! 
Planned Parenthood has been forced to bring in its big guns now that the Gosnell trial has radically shifted public opinion away from the pro-abortion left. We must use this opportunity to our advantage and keep the abortion industry on the ropes! Join our LifeGuard membership club for $10 a month for one year, get your FREE t-shirt and help us put the abortion industry out of business.
Not even the President can stop the pro-life wave that is building! Become a LifeGuard today and help us keep the momentum!
For Life,
Keith Mason

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