Monday, September 9, 2013

Rooftop Tank Bursts Flooding EMC Brooklyn Office! HELP!

At Brooklyn “Abortion Battle” Building
Rooftop Water Tank Bursts
Deluge Floods EMC’s Office…
Ceiling Collapse & Damage!

Linda in Brooklyn office EMC FrontLine- In Brooklyn before our 12th Floor flood
P.O. Box 134
Bronx, New York 10470

Counseling room flooded
EMC counseling room after roof water tank explodes.

Brooklyn office ceiling
EMC’s Brooklyn office ceiling this morning, September 9th.

Thousands of Brooklyn moms have thanked EMC for their special kids.

40Days Prayer Warrior Our Lifesavers depend on prayer for success in our work. Please pray for them daily..

EMC outreach saves babies.

3 Babies
Help us save more, please.

Mom with window on womb
If only our moms had windows to their wombs.

Never giving up takes funds.

EMC teams depend on you.

16 week baby saved on 3/6/12 at Dr. Emily's
Without EMC’s free sonograms thousands would be lost.

2013-Detroit intern hoists babe
An EMC intern hoists a baby!

Floor Damage
Remember our South Bronx break in last year?
Linda in action in Brooklyn.

Subway ad with door open
Another EMC subway ad.

Bus ad above
and another.
NYC Subway ad
and another.

  Brooklyn office debris on floor
  EMC’S full time Brooklyn office, since 1999, was flooded and sustained serious damage overnight. We have the best pregnancy center location in the country, in the same building, as two abortion clinics. But we must keep it going.

Help repair EMC’s Brooklyn office now please! Cash needed now to keep open!

Dear Deacon John ,

Your EMC FrontLine lifesavers in Brooklyn took a hit this morning when arriving for a busy week of life-saving!

Our office was flooded out and we are on the 12th floor, the top floor of the building!

The building’s major water tank, right above us, burst overnight, and damaged our ceiling, equipment, floors, couches, and TVs.

Can you help with $45, $100, $500, or even $1,000 right now so I can rush out to make immediate repairs?

Right now when it rains it pours, LITERALLY IN THIS CASE, as funds are desperately low to pay for critically needed wages, stipends, food, fuel, rent, transportation and phones to keep saving moms and babies in our primary location in Brooklyn and elsewhere.

We save literally scores of babies per month in this building which contains Planned Parenthood and another late term abortion facility, part of a chain.

We could really use your generous support TODAY, right now, to help us clean up, repair, resupply and keep moving on with life-saving in the BEST PREGNANCY CENTER LOCATION IN AMERICA.

Please click on the Heart to give right now>

Please  Heart from the heart, via credit card, check or PayPal. Sponsor us for a new ceiling, carpet, a couch or TV, and even for a month of rent of $5,200 !!! 

Just click on the heart above, please, RIGHT NOW, to keep the life-savers going!

In the past 28 years, we have been privileged to save over 42,000 girls and women from abortion. 

This almost completed Greatest Summer of Life-Saving ever, your NYC based pioneering, baby-saving group kept on going in our base City, after 28 years.

We also deployed in Miami, Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Austin and San Antonio, TX, and sent lifesavers to assist street counselors in Dayton, OH, and pregnancy centers in Los Angeles and Boise, ID.

44 Court St. Above, just left of center, in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, is 44 Court Street. Here we battle for Lives in the same building as Planned Parenthood and another abortion center. Our building is just to the right of the Brooklyn Borough Hall building on the left.

Our 28 year old life-saving NYC outreach, extends across the City of New York, in downtown Brooklyn, in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and in our northern neighbor of Westchester County.

Your support again, right now, will enable us to rebuild and fortify our bank account to keep us going for these pre-Fall weeks. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

 YOU and I can DO THIS!

I am very proud of your long stand and prayers for us,  and i am confident you will help us rebuild today.

God Bless you for ALL you do for Life and true Love, to help moms and babies survive who would otherwise be abandoned.

  Slattery Headshot
Yours for Life, Chris Slattery 212-213-4690
National Director, EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers 
P.S. EMC like all of us, gets hit with challenges every week, and today we got hit with serious water damage! But, you and I can bounce back from this, as the babies and their moms are counting on us. EMC still has 7 full time interns with us and six paid staffers, working very hard, and we are still managing operations in five cities.
Please help us rebuild Brooklyn and keep the babies alive for this week and next!
Please Make a Life-Saving donation today by Credit Card or Check today! Donate here Please! Text me at 212-213-4690
EMC interns back up Linda    We depend on you, and prayer! your with another baby 
      God can and will work many miracles of grace, if we respond!
About Us EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers have been organized and directed by Chris Slattery, since 1984.  EMC works in counseling centers and medical offices in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and now in other cities including Miami, Detroit, San Antonio, Austin, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Washington, DC, and we are assisting with staff in other cities like LA, and Boise, ID. 
EMC operates with counseling, testing and referrals nationwide, and with onsite ultrasound in NYC, and in some cases with pre-natal care. Outside NYC, we are starting with testing, and counseling outside NYC, and will begin with ultrasound by referrals.

Please help with a sacrificial donation to help us rebuild in Brooklyn, and to keep on going for the coming weeks in NYC and beyond. 
Please Make a Life-Saving, re-Building donation today by Credit Card or Check today! Donate here Please! 212-213-4