Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heroic News: “"Here's a doctor who might try"” plus 3 more


Posted: 07 Sep 2013 03:44 PM PDT
Rep. Jaime Beutler of Washington state and her husband, Daniel, say that their baby is doing very well after being born despite a usually fatal condition, and describe the devastating moment when doctors told them their unborn child could not survive.
Posted: 07 Sep 2013 02:09 PM PDT
The city of San Antonio has passed a sweeping new ordinance that not only adds homosexuals, transsexuals and cross-dressers to the list of groups protected under the city’s anti-discrimination law, but bars anyone who has “demonstrated a bias” against such people from holding public office or doing business with the city.
Posted: 07 Sep 2013 02:07 PM PDT
Coca-Cola saw its stock value drop yesterday as the boycott against the soft-drink giant has spread across Spain and into Latin America over statements by its CEO in Spain, Marcos De Quinto.
Posted: 07 Sep 2013 07:35 AM PDT
With a shortage of organ donors in Europe, Belgian doctors have a novel solution: patients with unbearable suffering donate their organs after voluntary euthanasia.