Friday, March 21, 2008


Posted: Thursday March 20, 2008 at 2:25 pm EST by Judie Brown
Just one week ago courageous pro-life activists discovered the body parts of aborted children in dumpsters behind the facility operated by abortionist Alberto Hodari. In the aftermath it was noted that the "doctor" could face a fine of perhaps $2,500 for each violation, if indeed he is charged with a violation of any type. As I write this whether any charges will be brought still remains in question as authorities have been hesitant to make public statements on the matter.

However, the Detroit Free Press is following the story and it appears that Hodari is now claiming that he doubts anyone found tiny hands, rib cages and mutilated bodies of aborted children in his trash! The pictures were taken, the witnesses were there and yet this cruel, deceitful man is in denies any misconduct. But then why wouldn't he be?

We live in a society that turns a blind eye to the grotesque nature of abortion, rarely, if ever, acknowledging that there is anything wrong with the act to begin with. In fact, when this story broke last week, unless I missed something, it was not on the nightly news nor was it widely reported anywhere!  If it were not for pro-life bloggers like Jill Stanek perhaps nobody would have known about it. That's just the way it is in the culture of death.

Imagine what would have happened if this grisly discovery had been made during a time when the media actually recognized brutality for what it is and identified those body parts as belonging to human beings rather than being mere garbage! For example, when Hodari commented to the reporters from the Detroit Free Press, he began by showing off brand new trash cans and said he had purchased shredders for documents that contain patient information, not directly addressing remains of children found in the dumpster at all.

He said state investigators had found patient sign-in sheets and that items were improperly tossed by employees. When discussing a blood-soaked sponge he found in "a regular trash can" he said he sent the employee responsible for it home. "It happens," he said.

While the Lathrup Village police continue their investigation into this matter, it would be incumbent upon each one of us who claim to be pro-life to do a couple of things about this tragic "find," especially since we know the same is happening thousands of times every day in facilities all across America.

First, get out those pictures of dead babies and make a conscious decision to use them when you speak to people about abortion. Of course they are hard to look at and gruesome in every way, but they present the shocking truth about abortion. They make the reality of who dies during every single abortion factually perceivable and if those images give someone the chills, or force them to turn their head away, so be it. After 35 years of aborting our future in this nation, the shock value is gone and we have to bring it back. If you think NBC, CBS or ABC will, you are really out of touch with reality. It is up to you and me.

The second thing each of us must do is demand that there be no more compromise within the pro-life community. Every abortion causes the death of a human being. Not a single one should be politically or otherwise excused. Our commitment to the personhood of each and every preborn human being means that there is no such thing as an abortion that can be ignored including those that occur because of a birth control pill or in an in vitro fertilization laboratory. Abortion is an act of direct murder—say so and say it often.

I cannot wait for the time when people by Horrible Hodari are imprisoned for murdering innocent people. You and I can see that that day comes sooner than later … all we have to do is resolve to make the actions I recommend part of every occasion we have to expose abortion with those in our sphere of influence.

God be with you!
Judie Brown