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Today's bullies - yesterday's feminists - Barbara Kay, National Post

The abortion debate isn't over - National Post editorial

Germany to Legalize Incest?,1518,540831,00.html

Peruvian archbishops support each other in fight against abortion lobby

Michigan lawmakers will soon vote on closing loopholes to parental consent laws

Calgary Herald Editorial - Real leadership is not about relativism - The nerve of Terrence Prendergast, Ottawa's new Roman Catholic archbishop, to state that he will not give communion to any politician who stubbornly clings to a pro-abortion stand

Items considered sinful behaviour by Americans - adultery (81 percent), racism (74 percent); using "hard" drugs such as cocaine, heroine, meth, LSD, etc. (65 percent); not saying anything if a cashier gives you too much change (63 percent); abortion (56

Safe, Legal, and Dishonest

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Help Brain Function in Animal Studies - Wesley Smith

Wisconsin Alumni Foundation Owns Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Wesley Smith

The mothers act must be stopped - your help is urgently needed reclassifying the natural process of pregnancy and birth as a mental disorder

The Demographic Winter and the Barren Left By Steven W. Mosher

Sharp Decline in Births Looms in China

China's one-child policy to stay

U.S. State Department Excludes China From Top Human Rights Violators

Biomedical waste found in abortion clinic trash - estimated dozen fetuses being held for a spring burial

For the first time federal authorities have conceded a connection between her autistic symptoms and the vaccines she received,,8599,1721109,00.html

California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell comes to the defense of homeschool families

'Pill to Stop Menstrual Cycle May Kill You'

CDC study illustrates need for abstinence focus, says advocate

Alabama teens defend abstinence education to Washington lawmakers

National Education Association Donates Millions to Left-Leaning Political Groups

Essay: Eliot Spitzer – A Man Without A Party

Reflections on the State of Affairs in New York - Concerned Women for America

Last 'Harry Potter' book becomes 2 films;_ylt=AsCak_LOlI7I8kOVY3GKwkGs0NUE

Court challenged to allow Christians right to pray, too - Appeal seeks to overturn decision eliminating 'Jesus'

Cardinal Dulles Urges Faithful Catholic Colleges

BBC to exonerate Judas in Jesus Christ drama

Actor Ben Stein wants to let real Florida teachers challenge evolution in science classes.

Second Muslim elected to Congress

Sarkozy and European Secularism

The Decline and Fall of Europe: Chapter 3 of 5

Canada Human Rights Commission taking submissions on issue of closed hearing! WRITE!

U.S. syphilis rate up for 7th year in row, CDC says

Porn Spammer Settles with FTC

Gay Porn as Required Reading in Ill. High School, Media Silent

Porn-Maker Praises Planned Parenthood's Teenwire Web Site

More Gay Men Choose Surrogacy to Have Children

UPS partners with gay business group

The Failure of the Condom Culture

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