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A rare glimpse into the secretive, unaccountable world of Canada's human rights commissions and need to rein in these commissions and cut them down

Arizona Nurse Practitioner Seeks Abortion Privileges - abortion industry losing abortion providers at astounding rate

Pro-Life Pharmacists Under Attack in Wisconsin

Oregon doctors have written lethal prescriptions for patients who weren't yet suffering serious symptoms of their disease:

The Abandonment of Assisted Suicide

Older, sicker patients could be allowed to die in order to save the lives of patients more likely to survive a massive disaster, bioterror attack or influenza pandemic in California.

Prominent black pastor declares abortion is a "major crime"

UNFPA declares that "pregnancy is the number one killer of adolescent girls."

Medical Journal: Federal Agencies, Academicians Suppress Evidence of Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Once in Coma, Girl May Testify Against Alleged Attacker - Doctors Said Haleigh Poutre Would Never Recover

Patents: The Real Stem Cell Fight

Phill Kline: The Only Way to Enforce the Law is to See Medical Records

Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore and those who sell carbon credits to expose global warming fraud

Opposing the homosexual lobby is a lonely task. Many Canadians are frightened, hostile, confused, or indifferent

A Genuine Conversion or Act of Perjury? British Catholics continue to debate Tony Blair's entrance into the Church - "has the blood of innocents on his hand"

Spanking and Sexuality Study Flawed

Oestrogen from contraceptive pill and hormone replacement in UK water system producing disturbing results in humans and animals. Thousands of babies who should have been boys are being born as girls

Discussion of the African AIDS crisis is riddled with ideology. The evidence shows that utilitarian HIV prevention guidelines are failing.

Ontario hospital bed crunch 'critical'- Surgeries cancelled as nearly 1 in 5 beds occupied by people who can't find other care

Rebuilding Babel in Quebec City La Belle Province substitutes ideology for religion in the classroom

Religious Freedom, Gay Rights and Human Rights Legislation By Gwen Landolt

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