Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hallowed Be Thy Name

In the Our Father, we pray "Hallowed be thy name." When the People of God live in a way that reflects the holiness, justice, truth and love of God himself, then God's name is honored. In other words, God's people give God a good reputation, and the word "Christian" is something people want to identify with. But when God's people are unfaithful, God's name is dishonored.

This is what happens when God's people turn the other way and ignore the abortions that kill thousands of babies every day – or even participate in them. This dishonors both the rights of that child and the honor of God. Hallowed be thy name, through our commitment to life. Hallowed be thy name, through the sacrifice we make to defend life, and the care we give to mother and child alike.

–Fr. Frank Pavone