Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Randall Terry, Abortion, and Health Care: Disturbing New 'Obama' Videos Released

DENVER - AUGUST 26:  Randall Terry (L) of Flor...

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Also, comments on disruption of "Health Care" Town Hall meeting: "Yes: We disrupted Howard Dean's speech, and we would do it again. Obama and Pelosi must write into the bill: 'No Abortion Funding, no mandates for insurance companies to pay for dead babies.'"

WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue: 

Mr. Randall Terry and some of his team just returned from a 5 state, 10 city tour, where they performed street theatre, and filmed several new viral videos to oppose child-killing by abortion, and HR 3200. Three of the videos can be seen at the links below. 

"Obama is the villain in our videos, because he is the most powerful promoter of child-killing by abortion in the Western Hemisphere. Yes, these videos are disturbing, and offensive -- by design. But what they represent is far more horrific. We must use every communication tool at disposal to jolt people back to reality about the evil of child-killing." 

The videos can be seen at: 

Video 1: Obama's Firing Squad for Babies: HR 3200 

Video 2: Obama Rob - Then Pays for Abortion: HR 3200 

Video 3: Obama and Doctor "Kill Granny": HR 3200 

Also, on Tuesday evening, August 25, Randall Terry and a group of Virginia pro-life advocates disrupted Howard Dean's speech. Contrary to Congressman Moran's statement, Mr. Terry and most of his associates are from Virginia's 8th District. 

Mr. Terry states: "Howard Dean is an enemy of the unborn. As such, we felt it our duty to disrupt his speech -- in honor and defense of those slaughtered under his policies. God have mercy on him, and bring him to repentance. 

"Obama, Dean, and Pelosi can prove they do not want child-killing by abortion in HR 3200; all they have to do is put in the bill: 'The Hyde Amendment will remain in full force, and no public moneys will be used to pay for elective abortion.' And, 'No insurance carriers will be mandated to cover elective abortion.' And, 'Nothing in this bill guarantees the right to an abortion, nor equates women's reproductive health care needs to abortion.' When they become explicit in the bill -- like they are about coverage for illegal aliens -- we will believe them. Until then, they are lying when they say this bill will not fund abortion."

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