Thursday, August 27, 2009

Planned Parenthood, who profit from confidential medical services such as abortion, have been intimidating school boards.

Modesto Victory

And Tools You Can Use

(Editor's Note: The following story and list of Back to School Tools come from Capitol Research Institute.) 

Modesto parents achieved a victory for parental rights last night (August 20). The Modesto School Board agreed to leave in place a parent-friendly confidential medical services policy. The policy requires students to obtain their parents' signature before they are allowed to leave campus. 

Organizations like Planned Parenthood, who profit from confidential medical services such as abortion or drug counseling, have been intimidating school boards with parent-friendly policies by telling them the law mandates they permit students to leave campus. However, the law clearly states that schools "may" allow students to leave but are not required to. Parents are still in charge of whether their children leave school campus for medical treatment. 

Initially, the Modesto School Board appeared to be kowtowing to the special interests groups. But as soon as parents became aware of the situation, the board realized parents wouldn't countenance such a violation of their trust in the school district. 

Capitol Research Institute's executive director Karen England was in attendance at the school board meeting last night (August 20). "This is a major victory for parents," commented England. "This victory proves that when parents are informed and engaged, they can defeat even the big, well-funded organizations like Planned Parenthood." 

Back to School Tools 
Find out if your school has an "opt in" or an "opt out" policy. Will they notify you and ask consent before your child is exposed to sexual or other controversial subject matter in class? 

Opt Out! Write a letter to your school principal and your child's teacher explaining your wish that your child not be exposed to pro-homosexuality messages or any sex education messages in the classroom. 

Find out if your school has a student newspaper and subscribe. There are often announcements in student newspapers concerning controversial matters on campus, such a Gay-Lesbian club activities, etc. 

Find out if your school has a policy that allows minor students to leave campus for confidential medical treatment without notifying the parents. CRI has information on how you can take this matter to your school board and attempt to have the policy changed to a parent-friendly policy. 

Find out if the school authorizes or conducts any "gay" oriented programs such as a "Gay Day of Silence". Many parents have been successful in stopping these from happening in advance. Contact CRI if you want more information. 

When your kids come home from school, ask them if they did any journaling that day and, if so, what they wrote about. Teachers often have their students journal about their feelings on certain controversial issues, things that happen at home, etc, and then have the children leave their journals at school. 

Teach your child how to respond to the myths taught in public schools that contradict your values, such as the homosexual agenda, evolution science, etc. 

Scan textbooks, workbooks, teaching materials, and classroom handouts to ensure that your children are being taught in accordance with your values. 

Is it anti-parent? (Parents are ignorant, old fashioned) 

Does it instruct the child to keep secrets from the parent? 

Does it encourage a negative view of the child, his family, his country, or his future? 

Is it preoccupied with death, tragedy, hate, anger, revenge etc.? (e.g. Requires the child to write out his own epitaph.) 

Is it anti-religion? Does it lead the child to reject morals and values taught at home or church? 

Does it lead the child to believe there are no absolute standards? (Morality is relative and depends on the situation) 

Does it encourage experimentation with sex, alcohol, or drugs? 

Does it censor out all knowledge of the importance of religion in American history? 

Does it force the child to make choices based on hypothetical situations and decide it is okay to lie, cheat, steal, kill, have sex outside of marriage, have an abortion, or commit suicide? 

Does it force the child to answer questionnaires about the family's attitudes, behaviors, customs, political views that invade privacy? 

Does it blur traditional concepts of gender identity and force the child to accept radical feminist notions? 

Does it censor out our nation's heroes such as George Washington but spend much time studying controversial contemporary figures? 

Does it lead the child to believe that global or world government is preferable to the American constitutional republic? 

Does it imply that government spending programs lead to economic prosperity instead of hard work and perseverance? 

Does it lead the child to believe that disarmament rather than defense can prevent future war?