Monday, September 27, 2010

Action Alert: National 2-1-1 bill could fund Planned Parenthood referrals:

Woman pregnancy month by month.

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American Life League president Judie Brown on Monday sent out a nationwide
alert advising pro-life advocates to contact members of the Energy and Commerce
Committee immediately to ward off a national 2-1-1 service that could provide
referrals to unsuspecting pregnant women to Planned Parenthood.

The bill authorizes a whopping $700 million dollars over 6 years to implement
the program.

The 2-1-1 number would facilitate and coordinate referrals to community
organizations, including Planned Parenthood. Thus, a woman could call saying,
"I'm pregnant and don't know what to do," and be referred to Planned

Please call the Energy and Commerce Committee at 202-225-2927 and voice your
objections to HB 211.

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