Monday, September 20, 2010

Call Now: No Abortion on Military Bases

We’ve just learned that the Senate is scheduled to vote this week on the Department of Defense Authorization bill, which includes a provision to allow abortions on military bases both domestically and abroad.

Please call your Senators right now, and tell them to vote against the bill if it contains language allowing abortion on military bases. Click here to go to our Action Center where you can see your Senators' phone numbers, useful talking points to use while on the phone, and a form to let us know how the call went.

Military doctors did not want to perform abortions for the few short years this practice was legal during the Clinton Administration, and they don’t want to now.  In fact, before the law was overturned, they were about to hire outside doctors to perform abortions because no military doctors would participate.

please call your Senators immediately and tell them that our military facilities are meant to preserve Life, not destroy it.

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

P.S. With Senate Majority Leader Reid planning to act quickly this week to push a vote on the Defense Authorization bill, I need you to take action as quickly as possible. Please use the Susan B. Anthony List Action Center to quickly call your Senators and tell them to vote no on the bill if it contains language to allow abortions on military bases. The Action Center has everything you need, including your Senators’ phone numbers and useful talking points.