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LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report 9/22/10

LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Current Headlines

• Senate Defeats Motion OKing Vote on Bill Allowing Abortions at Military Hospitals
• Republicans to Unveil 2010 Election Agenda, Pro-Life Goals on Abortion Expected
• Ella Marketer: Drug Doesn't Cause Abortions, Pro-Lifers Warn Pharmacists
• Congressman: Obama Admin Pushing Abortion as Solution for Maternal Mortality
• Pro-Abortion Group Emily's List Raising Big Bucks to Stop Pro-Life Candidates
• Senate Democrats Plan Thursday Vote on Disclose Act Hurting Pro-Life Speech
• Largest 40 Days for Life Campaign Against Abortion Starts in America, Canada
• Austin, Texas' Travis County Approves Budget With $450K for Elective Abortions
• West Virginia Poll Has John Raese Possibly Defeating Joe Manchin for Senate
• Alaska Poll Has Pro-Life Joe Miller Leading With Pro-Abortion Murkowski Running
• Louisiana Law on Safety Standards for Abortion Centers Faces New Lawsuit
• Two British Pro-Life Protesters Arrested Outside Local BPAS Abortion Business

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Senate Defeats Motion OKing Vote on Bill Allowing Abortions at Military Hospitals
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The Senate has defeated a motion to stop a Republican-led filibuster against the bill that funds the Defense Department. The filibuster came in response to several issues including concerns about language that would essentially turn military base hospitals into abortion centers.

The Senate voted largely along party lines against the cloture motion to end the filibuster and allow debate and a vote on the bill. The vote was short of the 60 votes necessary to stop a filibuster and proceed to consideration of the legislation.

Democrats voted almost unaniously, 56-43,to allow debate on the bill, including Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska who maintains he is pro-life. Republicans unanimously voted in opposition to ending the filibuster, including pro-abrotion members who wanted the chance to offer amendments to the bill.

The Defense Department bill contains an amendment allowing abortions at all worldwide U.S. military base hospitals. Sponsored by pro-abortion Sen. Rolland Burris of Illinois, it would have the military break with current longstanding policy disallowing abortions.

Current law in effect since 1996 prohibits the performance of abortion by Department of Defense medical personnel or at DOD medical facilities. A separate provision prohibits the use of DOD funds for abortion except to save the life of the mother.

Abortion advocates have tried for years to force military bases hospitals to do abortions on female service members. In 2006, the House rejected by a vote of 237-191 amendment similar to the Burris amendment.

The Burris amendment is more expansive than a 2006 effort because it allows abortion on both domestic and overseas military base hospitals. Full story at LifeNews.com

Republicans to Unveil 2010 Election Agenda, Pro-Life Goals on Abortion Expected
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Republicans are expected to unveil their 2010 election agenda on Thursday and, after some concern from pro-life quarters that no pro-life agenda would be included, initial reports indicate it will feature abortion opposition. The agenda will reportedly call for repealing the pro-abortion ObamaCare health care law.

It will also reportedly include language calling for a scaling back of the taxpayer financing of abortions President Barack Obama and his pro-abortion Democratic allies have pushed through Congress.

Republicans will unveil their new Contract With America on Thursday, an updated version of the famous "Contract" pro-life former Speaker New Gingrich and Republicans unveiled in 1994 that led to a landslide over pro-abortion Democrats and pro-life Republican leaders re-taking Congress.

Will polls showing Republicans have an outside chance of capturing the House, Senate or both this election cycle, the Contract could rally conservative and independent voters behind GOP candidates -- but not if pro-life issues are left out of the document.

The agenda items are based on the feedback the party has received at its "America Speaking Out" web site, which collected 160,000 ideas and received 1 million votes and comments on the proposals, according to "Contract" organizer Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a pro-life California congressman.

The "Contract" will reportedly feature an agenda item calling for the repeal of the government-run health care plan Congress approved and, short of that, efforts to significantly de-fund the program, which includes taxpayer funding of abortions that pro-life groups already had to work to stop in three states.

Rep. Joseph Pitts, a Pennsylvania Republican who is one of the leading pro-life members of the House, told The Hill on Monday that a pro-life agenda item will be included. Full story at LifeNews.com

Ella Marketer: Drug Doesn't Cause Abortions, Pro-Lifers Warn Pharmacists
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- As pro-life advocates launch a campaign to warn pharmacists about the newly-approved abortion drug ella, the marketer of the so-called "emergency contraceptive" pill says it does not cause abortions. The new drug is billed as a more effective morning after pill but its chemical makeup is similar to the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quietly announced approval of ella in August allowing Watson Pharmaceuticals to market the drug as an emergency contraception.

The FDA and Watson are able to call the drug non-abortifacient because they have redefined the beginning of pregnancy -- changing it from conception to implantation. That makes it appear an unborn child after conception does not lose her life to the drug when testing in animals and humans make it clear the drug causes abortions.

But, since the drug is "effective" up to five days following intercourse, there is clearly sufficient time for conception to occur and for a unique human being's life to be destroyed via use of the ella drug.

The FDA approval requires the ella drug to be sold with a prescription requirement tin the same manner as the RU 486 abortion drug, known as mifepristone and that has killed anywhere from 13-50 women worldwide. That means pharmacists will be involved in dispensing the drug to women who present valid prescriptions for it.

The Family Research Council has launched a campaign designed to get pro-life advocates to inform their pharmacists that ella causes abortions and to urge them to refrain from dispensing it.

"Due to the FDA's approval of 'ella' as an EC, pharmacists may believe they must cover ella as a prescription drug," FRC president Tony Perkins said in a recent email to the group's members. "However, many pharmacists do not know about the dangers of this drug or that it functions like an abortifacient. Many pharmacies may not know ella can cause an abortion, and need to be aware of these concerns before they begin stocking this abortion drug." Full story at LifeNews.com

Congressman: Obama Admin Pushing Abortion as Solution for Maternal Mortality
by Chris Smith
An army of health activists and world leaders will gather at the United Nations this week to review the eight Millennium Development Goals agreed to at the start of the century and to recalibrate and recommit to more effectively achieve them by 2015.

The overarching and noble goal is reducing global poverty. But the most compelling and achievable objectives -- huge reductions in maternal and child mortality worldwide -- will be severely undermined if the Obama administration either directly or covertly integrates abortion into the final outcome document.

If the summit is sidetracked by abortion activists, the robust resolve required at national levels to deploy the funds needed to achieve the internationally agreed targets will be compromised. The risk is real.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said publicly that she believes access to abortion is part of maternal and reproductive health, thinking that runs contrary to the understanding of the more than 125 U.N. member states that prohibit or otherwise restrict abortion in their sovereign laws and constitutions. Moreover, speaking before the House International Relations Committee in 2005, Mark Malloch Brown, chief of staff for then-Secretary General Kofi Annan, said concerning reproductive health, "we do not interpret it as including abortion." Clinton also calls pro-abortion nongovernmental organizations "partners." Full story at LifeNews.com

Medical professionals are on the frontlines of battle in life issues. From abortion to assisted suicide and euthanasia and all issues in between we are challenged in the workplace to defend our beliefs and risk our employment. The National Association of Pro-life Nurses has been here for nurses since the beginning of this battle. Join with us in our efforts to protect those voices. www.nursesforlife.org

Pro-Abortion Group Emily's List Raising Big Bucks to Stop Pro-Life Candidates
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The pro-abortion group Emily's List is raising big bucks in its attempt to defend the pro-abortion majorities that currently control both houses of Congress. The organization has employed celebrities and elected officials in campaigns to raise funds from its membership.

The Center for Responsive Politics indicates the group has formed a "super PAC" that received $430,000 in August alone for pro-abortion candidates.

It indicates the PAC, known as Women Vote, raised $250,000 from the Service Employees International Union and another $95,000 from four wealthy women philanthropists and investors who have been prolific political donors over the years.

"The largest individual contribution the group received in August came from New York investor Judith-Ann Corrente, who contributed $50,000," the report indicated. "Along with her husband, Blenheim Capital Management Chairman Willem Kooyker, Corrente is among the top 50 donors to all federal candidates, parties and committees so far this election cycle."

CRP says Emily's List raised $1.5 million between January and August and closed out the last month with $703,000 on hand. The pro-abortion group spent 826,900 since January, including more than $65,800 on mailings last month for pro-abortion Missouri Senate candidate Robin Carnahan who is taking on pro-life candidate Roy Blunt. Full story at LifeNews.com

Senate Democrats Plan Thursday Vote on Disclose Act Hurting Pro-Life Speech
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Senate Democrats plan a vote on Thursday on the DISCLOSE Act, a bill would place stringent limits on the ability of grassroots groups to communicate to the public about legislation and elections. Several pro-life groups have announced their opposition to the measure.

Senate Republicans filibustered the legislation and Democrats held a cloture vote in July where they needed 60 votes to be able to stop the filibuster and move towards a vote on the bill itself.

However, they were unable to peel off any Republicans to support the cloture vote and lost by a 57-41 margin.

Jim Manley, a top spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, said on Twitter today the Senate will debate the measure Wednesday with an eye towards casting votes to try to stop the filibuster on Thursday.

Sen. John Ensign, a pro-life Nevada Republican, was absent from the last vote and plans to vote against cloture, so Democrats would need to find at least one Republican to break ranks and join Democrats in allowing a vote on the controversial legislation.

Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee told LifeNews.com this afternoon, he doesn't believe Democrats will find that breakaway GOP lawmaker. Full story at LifeNews.com

Largest 40 Days for Life Campaign Against Abortion Starts in America, Canada
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The largest 40 Days for Life campaign in the history of the prayerful event kicks off tomorrow in 238 locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Northern Ireland and Denmark.

Coordinators Shawn Carney and David Bereit will help local pro-life advocates launch their local campaigns at abortion centers in Fayetteville, Arkansas and Texas, respectively.

The event features pro-life people peacefully praying and helping women outside abortion centers and Carney says the campaign received a recent boost with a television program on the Catholic EWTN network giving it helpful publicity.

From September 22 through October 31, pro-life advocates will pray at abortion facilities nationwide and offer help for women considering abortions.

Two local campaign leaders and I were guests on their weekly program, "Life on the Rock."

"Following the program, I heard from countless people who'd never heard of 40 Days for Life before, but who now are eager to get started," he told LifeNews.com. "Be sure to look for 40 Days for Life events in your area by checking out the list of locations [on our web site]." Full story at LifeNews.com

Austin, Texas' Travis County Approves Budget With $450K for Elective Abortions
Austin, TX (LifeNews.com) -- The commissioners on the Travis County Commissioners Court on Tuesday ignored objections from local pro-life residents and voted for a county budget containing $450,000 in contracts paying for abortions for poor women in the county where the state capital is located.

Travis County residents and pro-life groups pleaded with commissioners to either defeat the budget or remove the line item funding abortions from it.

Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe told those in attendance that the abortion funding can't be removed, so the commissioners had to give final approval to the $109.6 million Central Health budget or defeat it.

According to the Austin American Statesman newspaper, Biscoe joined commissioners Sarah Eckhardt and Karen Huber in voting for the budget. Commissioner Ron Davis abstained from voting while Commissioner Margaret Gómez was absent from the meeting.

The newspaper indicated Central Health funded 582 abortions in the last fiscal year and has paid for 566 abortions in the fiscal year that will end September 30. Full story at LifeNews.com

ACTION: Send a message to the commissioners about their vote for taxpayer funded abortions at http://www.co.travis.tx.us/commissioners_court/default.asp

West Virginia Poll Has John Raese Possibly Defeating Joe Manchin for Senate
Charleston, WV (LifeNews.com) -- Two new polls in the West Virginia race for the U.S. Senate show Republican candidate John Raese has a chance of defeating Democratic candidate Joe Manchin. While both candidates are pro-life, a Raese win would give pro-life advocates a chance to retake the Senate from abortion backers.

A new survey from the Public Policy Polling institute shows a very tight race with Raese leading Manchin 46-43 percent, a result within the poll's margin of error.

"The contest provides a fascinating choice for voters in the state who love their Democratic Governor but hate the party's ranks in Washington DC that he would be joining," the polling firm said.

Manchin is the second most popular governor PPP has polled all year, but West Virginians couldn't be much more down on national Democrats as pro-abortion President Barack Obama's approval rating in the state is just 30% with 64% of voters disapproving of him.

"Given the President's high degree of unpopularity it's no surprise that 54% of voters in the state want Republicans to control the next Congress with just 37% wanting the Democrats to stay in charge," PPP says. "Despite Manchin's 42% approval rating with Republicans he's getting only 14% of their votes." Full story at LifeNews.com

Alaska Poll Has Pro-Life Joe Miller Leading With Pro-Abortion Murkowski Running
Juneau, AK (LifeNews.com) -- Even with pro-abortion Sen. Lisa Murkowski running as a write-in candidate, a new Rasmussen Reports poll shows pro-life Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller with a lead. Miller is the candidate who defeat Murkowski in a surprise primary election battle for the heart of the GOP in the state.

Miller attracts 42% of the vote in the first Rasmussen Reports poll of the Alaska Senate race since GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski announced her write-in campaign to try to keep her job.

The telephone survey of likely voters shows Murkowski picking up 27% of the vote and Democrat Scott McAdams earning 25%. One percent of Alaskans prefer another candidate and 5 percent remain undecided.

Miller, fueled by an endorsement from pro-life former Governor Sarah Palin and by strong Tea Party support, was the upset winner over Murkowski in the August primary. Despite pleas from the GOP leadership to accept the primary s verdict, Murkowksi announced a write-in campaign late last Friday.

"Polling for write-in campaigns is always challenging, so results should be interpreted with caution," says pollster Scott Rasmussen. Full story at LifeNews.com

Louisiana Law on Safety Standards for Abortion Centers Faces New Lawsuit
Baton Rouge, LA (LifeNews.com) -- A group of Louisiana abortion businesses not wanting to abide by a new state law that allows the health department to better hold them accountable for meting health and safety standards has filed a lawsuit against the law with the help of a New York-based pro-abortion legal group.

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed the lawsuit for the abortion centers claiming the Department of Health and Hospitals should not be allowed more assertive powers under the law to revoke licenses for the abortion facilities.

CRR filed the suit in federal court in New Orleans and claims the law deprives the abortion businesses of the same rights legitimate medical clinics enjoy and encourages the state health department to discriminate against them.

"This law leaves abortion facilities vulnerable to arbitrary and inconsistent treatment by the health department and ultimately harms women's health instead of protecting it," said Bonnie Scott Jones, a CRR attorney, according to a Bloomberg report.

Five abortion centers and an abortion practitioner are listed as plaintiffs and they include the Hope Medical Group for Women abortion center. Full story at LifeNews.com

Louisiana Law on Safety Standards for Abortion Centers Faces New Lawsuit
London, England (LifeNews.com) -- Two Christian pro-life protesters have recently been arrested twice by Police in Brighton and await the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service to see if they will face a Criminal Prosecution.

Andy Stephenson, 35, married father of two and Katherine Sloane, 19, are pro-life campaigners who stood outside the BPAS clinic in Brighton on the 27th of July. They raised a banner showing an early aborted baby near the entrance of the clinic and stood in silent protest.

They had been there for about 45 minutes when they were approached by police. The police asked them to take down their pictures otherwise they would be arrested. A discussion followed as Mr Stephenson tried to explain why their actions were lawful.

Stephenson and Miss Sloane refused to take down the banner as they believed that they had a lawful right to protest and educate. The police therefore arrested them and took them to Brighton Police station. After having their photographs, fingerprints and DNA taken they were offered a fixed penalty notice instead of being prosecuted. They refused the police s offer and requested a court hearing.

Undeterred by the threat of arrest, Mr Stephenson and Miss Sloane returned to the abortion center on the 10th of August and protested in the same manner. Once again, after having stood in silent protest for 45 minutes, they were again approached by police. Full story at LifeNews.com


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