Monday, September 20, 2010

Surprise! ObamaCare Costs Skyrocket

ObamaCare isn’t just a speech delivered by President Obama anymore, it is the law.  Many of us were criticized for not accepting the President’s impossible claims on blind faith.  Perhaps we’ll be criticized again for being right. 

More expensive health insurance for all was my fear and unfortunately, it has come true.  Over the last few weeks, numerous reports have been released about the dramatic health insurance premium increases coming our way next year.  Those aren’t projections or “scare tactics”, they are very real. It is going to cost you more than if the bill had never passed.  That’s right, ObamaCare made health insurance more expensive for everyone. 

Not only will you be paying more for health insurance, you’ll be paying the State of Florida more as well.  That’s because of the massive expansion of Medicaid included in ObamaCare.  Florida alone will see an increase in the Medicaid rolls by more than 1.7 million people.  This will cost Florida taxpayers an extra $1.2 billion each year by 2019.  These numbers are staggering when you take into account Florida’s budget shortfalls. And Florida is not the only state being hit hard.  A recent report published by the Congressional Research Service shows that the cost to states will be double what was originally projected earlier this year.  According to the President, Obamacare was only supposed to cost the states $20 billion. Oops, it’s actually going to cost $43 billion.   

President Obama’s rhetoric aside, we cannot afford ObamaCare.  The more we learn about the actual impacts of ObamaCare the more we know that repeal is our only option.  

Thank you, 

Ginny Brown-Waite M.C.