Thursday, September 23, 2010

Morality in Media News Release:

MIM Urges Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to 'Speak Out Against the Flood of Illegal Hardcore Adult Pornography Engulfing Our Nation'

NEW YORK, Sept. 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Monday, Morality in Media President Robert Peters sent letters to the chairmen of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, and National Republican Senate Congressional Committee. In the letters, Mr. Peters said in part:

"We want to call your attention to an extremely important issue that Federal law enforcement authorities are ignoring, and in so doing are ignoring the concerns of the large majority of voters. We refer to the proliferation of obscenity on the Internet.

"Repeated polling has made it clear that voters support enforcement of existing laws that prohibit the distribution of obscenity on the Internet and elsewhere....

"It does not take an astute politician to recognize how the parents of America react to the prevalence of Internet obscenity and to its terrible effects. We know they are outraged, frightened, worried, angry, and disgusted....

"Unbeknown to many voters, obscenity is illegal. Since 1973, the Supreme Court has held repeatedly that the First Amendment does not protect obscenity; and Congress to its credit has repeatedly updated and strengthened the federal obscenity laws.

"From 1987-1993, the Justice Department also proved that federal obscenity laws could be successfully enforced against large-scale commercial distributors of hardcore adult pornography. During this period more than 120 adult pornographers were convicted.

"And while the Bush administration was in large measure a disappointment when it came to enforcement of obscenity laws, its Justice Department did prove that obscenity laws can still be successfully enforced against commercial distributors of obscene materials.

"Since November 2008, however, there have been no new obscenity indictments involving commercial distributors of hardcore adult pornography.

"There is a pandemic of pornographic addiction. There is overwhelming evidence of a connection between addiction to hardcore adult pornography and sexual abuse of children, child pornography, psychological damage to children, sexual violence against women, sexual trafficking of women and children, and the ruin of many marriages.

"Since the White House has shown no interest in addressing this unprecedented assault on women, on family life and children, and on our nation, that leaves it up to Congress, which appropriates funds for the Justice Department and oversees its work.

"We are a nation that permits the illegal distribution of obscene materials domestically and the export of this degeneracy on the Internet to other nations. What a shameful face to present to the world and a horrid patrimony to bequeath to our children.

"The large majority of voters will welcome your candidates calling for the Justice Department to vigorously enforce federal obscenity laws against these illegal hardcore pornographers who have no rightful place in a decent society.

"We hope you agree and will speak out against the flood of illegal hardcore adult pornography engulfing our nation and in support of vigorous enforcement of federal obscenity laws!

"This is a political tinderbox waiting to be ignited by concerned candidates!"

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