Monday, September 27, 2010

Planned Parenthood lurks behind Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals Summit - billed as a UN
meeting to review progress in eradicating poverty, hunger and disease --
opened at United Nations (UN) headquarters in New
York on Monday.

Millennium Development Goals

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But lurking behind those noble-sounding goals is the sinister International
Planned Parenthood Federation, which, in cooperation with UN agencies such as
the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) continues to assert a separate goal for
"promoting sexual and repro..." Because that goal was rejected when the
original MDGs were adopted, abortion proponents are claiming a "target" under
the maternal mortality reduction goal for promoting sexual and reproductive

That would explain why unnamed "advocates for women's health" tried to delay
the release of a peer reviewed research report that appeared in April 2010 in
the Lancet that reported a sharp decline in maternal deaths related to
pregnancy and childbirth, from 526,300 in 1980 to 342,900 in 2008. According to
the New York Times, the abortion advocates tried to pressure the Lancet into
delaying publication of the new findings until after certain UN meetings,
"where advocates hope to win support for more foreign aid for
maternal health from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham

As we reported on August 25, 2010, Secretary of State Clinton exceeded Planned
Parenthood's wildest expectations when she announced a program that would spend
63 billion U. S. dollars through USAID
over a six year period for a "girl and woman centered" initiative.

Again quoting the Planned Parenthood Strategic Plan 2010-2015: "By using the
language of 'universal access' as one of the overarching strategic areas,
IPPF/WHR places itself firmly within the global agenda first laid out at the
[United Nations] International Conference on Population and Development and
later reaffirmed
with a target in the Millennium Development Goals (emphasis
added). IPPF/WHR uses this as leverage to hold governments in the region
accountable for their international commitments to achieving universal access
to SHR (sexual health rights)..."

Jumping on the "reproductive and sexual health rights" wagon to supposedly
prevent maternal mortality due to childbirth is Planned Parenthood's cohort
Amnesty International. The New York Times reports on the placement of a
"maternal death clock" in Times Square by Amnesty International to coincide
with the U.N. Summit. "The digital billboard clock, set up by Amnesty
International, will tick for three days while world leaders at the United
Nations renew their commitments to fulfill the most basic needs of people
around the world: food, water, basic health care and sanitation," reports AOL News. The New York times reports that
the clock ticks every 90 seconds, to mark each moment "a woman dies in
childbirth somewhere in the world. That is nearly 1,000 women a day."...

The Millennium Development Goals are being supported by many who may not be
aware of Planned Parenthood's plan to use them to advance its deadly agenda
worldwide. Watch our website,, for American
Life League's upcoming, shocking report on the dangers lurking behind the
Millennium Development Goals

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