Monday, September 20, 2010

Pro-Lifers Stand Strong in Rockford Amidst Unbelievable Persecution:

As Pharaoh's Heart Is Hardened, The Christians Of Rockford Stand Strong

          The city of Rockford and local pro-abortion forces seem driven in an almost obsessive way to shut down and stop pro-life efforts to help mothers and children at Rockford's abortion mill.
This editorial is written as a thank you to the hundreds of brave and faith-filled Christians who have stopped, dead in their tracks, the schemes to silence pro-life efforts.
We won't even go into the well-documented non-actions taken by the city concerning assaults against pro-life citizens that the city has refused to prosecute. 
A homeless man hit by an abortion clinic worker's car and the numerous code violations by the abortion facility have been ignored by the city legal department.   These are some of the things pro-life citizens have to deal with when they are opposing the killing of babies and the culture of death in Rockford, IL.
Some in the city of Rockford have had two agendas that you, the pro-life citizens of Rockford, have been able to stop. 
The first on the agenda was the bubble zone that Alderman Karen Elyea proposed and which was, to our knowledge, supported by the city legal department and the ACLU.  It looked as if it were a smoke-filled back room decision.   It might have gone through had the pro-life citizens of Rockford not said, "NO".
Pro-lifers began praying and followed up with countless phone calls and emails that flooded the aldermen's and mayor's offices.  Then pro-lifers  filled the city council chamber and spilled over to the hall outside at the council meeting and demanded the rights of sidewalk counselors, to offer help to mothers and children in need, not be interfered with. First amendment rights to free speech and assembly have been and are being suppressed by the city legal department for too long. 
Because of the efforts of Rockford pro-life citizens, the bubble zone was burst.
Not to be stopped that easily, the city legal department saw another chance to interfere with Rockford’s pro-life citizens offers of help in the form of free ultrasounds.   Pro-lifers worked for a month with the Rockford police department at the highest levels to gain approval for a mobile ultrasound to offer help to mothers in need in Rockford.   It was approved by the Rockford police department. 
Then the city legal department decided to strike.  Using some vague ordinance accusing the mobile ultrasound vehicle of "soliciting business" on the streets of Rockford, the city legal department ordered the unit out of the city.  But they forgot two things: 
The first was the love of Rockford pro-lifers that motivates their desire to help mothers in need no matter how hard Wayne Webster, the abortion mill landlord, seemingly working with the city legal department, tries to stop them. 
The other was that Rockford pro-lifers actually looked at the city ordinance for themselves. The ordinance (below) was found that clearly shows the mobile ultrasound is not a business but a charity:
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Charitable solicitation  means conduct whereby a person solicits property, financial aid, gifts in money, donations, contributions, any article representing monetary value, sells, or offers to sell, a product, article, tag, service, publication, ticket, advertisement, or subscription on the plea or representation, whether expressed or implied, that the proceeds from the solicitation or sale are for a charitable purpose. 
Charitable purpose  means the use of money or property for the benefit of any charitable, religious, benevolent, humane philanthropic, patriotic, or eleemosynary purpose. 
As you can read for yourself, this shows beyond a doubt that the totally free ultrasounds that were being offered to poor women have nothing to do with someone soliciting business for profit. Pro-lifers were offering a completely free service to help poor mothers and children.
Armed with prayer, countless phone calls to city officials, and this ordinance, pro-life citizens again filled a city council meeting, even filling the halls outside.  When the aldermen heard the clear explanation of the devious and malicious way the mobile ultrasound was driven out of Rockford, things began to change.
Because of you, the pro-life citizens of Rockford, who will not let anti-life bureaucrats block legal efforts to offer mothers an alternative to killing their children inside the most bigoted, anti-God abortion killing center in the United States, the city of Rockford is being forced to reconsider their position.
The operators of the mobile ultrasound unit along with their lawyers are in the process of gaining permission to come back to Rockford.  We hope and fully expect to see them here in the next few weeks.  We suspect the city will delay and drag its feet on this as long as possible, but this life-saving effort will not be stopped.
The city of Rockford is not to be dissuaded easily.  In a rather vindictive strike at pro-life citizens the legal office allegedly ordered the Rockford police department to refuse to communicate in any way with the leaders of the Rockford pro-life movement unless it is an emergency situation. Pro-lifers and the Rockford police were developing a working relationship in an effort to ensure the safety and rights of pro-lifers.  As far as we know, Mr. Wayne Webster can and does communicate with city officials and the Rockford police department on a regular basis. Problems between the pro-life community and the city cannot be resolved without open communications. What the city has done, by their ignoring our pleas for help and using delaying tactics on our grievance procedures, has now forced the pro-life community into costly legal litigation. We maintain that good leadership in the majority of the city departments could have prevented this time-consuming and expensive court battle. As time progresses we will show just how irresponsible some of these leaders have been.
Jesus said, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me."  John 14: 1
Should we be worried about the city legal department going after the civil rights of pro-lifers?  No, we need to be vigilant in watching their every move, as we are with all who make the culture of death possible.
Christ is our sure foundation, and you, the pro-life citizens of Rockford, have shown yourselves more than able to counter the death-dealing maneuvers of the Rockford abortion industry and those who do their dirty work. 
As we continue to fight the battle to end the unspeakable crimes committed against innocent victims inside Rockford's abortion mill, we need not fear what will come.  The Christians of Rockford, guided by Jesus Christ, will forever stand against the evil of murdering children for as long as it takes to end these crimes against God, babies, and all of humanity.
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