Friday, April 29, 2011

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Friday, April 29, 2011
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 Judie Brown 
Simply Tucker'd Out 


In today's compelling guest commentary, Ryan Bomberger, cofounder of The Radiance Foundation, decries the horrific numbers of babies, especially black babies, who are aborted each year. His life spared because his mother chose life for him, Bomberger has made a difference in the world and a significant impact on our society. Read further for his words of wisdom.                                                  


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Court backs funding embryonic stem cells

Opponents of taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell research lost a key round in a U.S. appeals court Friday. In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the court of appeals in Washington overturned a judge's order that would have blocked federal financing of stem cell research. The judges ruled that opponents are not likely to succeed in their lawsuit to stop the government funding. As a result of the appellate ruling Friday, the original lawsuit can continue before Judge Lamberth, but the taxpayer-funded research also will go on. Lamberth has not thus far either held a trial or issued a final ruling, which he could do based on court filings without taking testimony.                                
Priest says public played critical role in helping Baby Joseph


Joseph Maraachli, a Canadian infant whose fight for life drew international attention, has returned home with his parents. The head of Priests for Life says that public support was essential to ensure that the child received the medical treatment he needed. "Pro-life people across the United States, and in Canada, really rose to the occasion," said Father Frank Pavone, Priests for Life's national director. "They responded to our emails, and sent emails of their own to the Canadian authorities. They said: 'Let this baby go and get the treatment that his parents want.' People were not only reading about it and looking at it on the news. They were players as well, getting involved."                

U.S. court refuses asylum to husband of Chinese forced abortion victim

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A US appeals court ruled that a Chinese man whose wife underwent a forced abortion and IUD insertion is not eligible to asylum, despite US law to the contrary. Even though the court recognized the couple's clear desire to have additional children, it reasoned that with only one child currently, the couple was not in violation of China's one-child policy, and any future threat of persecution was "too speculative." The decision was issued last week by the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. The ruling not only helps to establish a precedent that a married couple should not be kept together in asylum cases, but also downplays the draconian breadth and severity of the Chinese family planning system and one-child policy.