Monday, April 25, 2011

Heroic News: “Bus driver who refused to drive women to Planned Parenthood wins $21K in settlement” plus 9 more


Bus driver who refused to drive women to Planned Parenthood wins $21K in settlement

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 11:24 AM PDT

The Capital Area Rural Transportation System has agreed to pay $21,000 to a bus driver who was fired for refusing to drive two women to a Planned Parenthood clinic last year.

Youth say no to Planned Parenthood

A new mother holds her baby who was born 10 we...

A mother holds her 10 weeks premature baby. Image via Wikipedia

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 08:54 AM PDT

“Planned Parenthood has a booth at the Street Fair.” This was the text message sent to me, a youth minister, by a 13-year-old middle schooler attending the fair in our small town on Holy Saturday.

Young mother with cancer sacrifices life for unborn child

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 06:59 AM PDT

In August of last year Jessica Council – a beautiful, 30-year-old mother of one – noticed that she had a sore throat. At around the same time, she also began to suspect that she was pregnant.

Abortion survivor speaks out

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 06:57 AM PDT

Melissa Ohden, a saline infusion abortion attempt survivor and international pro-life speaker, shares her own experience of motherhood.

Va. upholds right of adoption agencies to deny gay 'couples' adoptions

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 06:36 AM PDT

Despite emotional pleas by gay-rights groups, a state board overwhelmingly voted late Wednesday to continue a practice that some argue allows faith-based organizations in Virginia to discriminate in adoptions.

NYC librarians: checking out porn a 'First Amendment right'

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 06:29 AM PDT

New Yorkers can take their pick at the city's public libraries, thanks to a policy that gives adults the most uncensored access to extreme, hard-core Internet smut this side of the old Times Square. The electronic smut falls under the heading of free speech and the protection of the First Amendment, library officials say.

S. Africa clamps down on illegal abortion advertising

Posted: 25 Apr 2011 06:25 AM PDT

The Limpopo government is planning to clamp down on bogus doctors who use lampposts and perimeter walls to promote illegal abortions.

UK: Gay activists exploit royal wedding

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 04:00 PM PDT

A group of gay activists waved pink Union Jack flags as the giant card was unveiled for the Equal Love campaign. They have launched a legal bid to overturn the bans on same-sex civil 'marriages' and heterosexual civil partnerships in the UK.

Texas to repeal transgender 'marriage' rights

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 04:22 AM PDT

Jaap Vermeulen, Jacoplane in a Neonatal intens...

Image via Wikipedia

Micro preemie heads home after 5 months in NICU

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 03:09 AM PDT

A record-breaking baby girl who was born at just 21 weeks and five days has spent Easter at home with her delighted parents after spending five months in neonatal care.


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