Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Thursday, August 25, 2011
STOPP Website ThumbnailKomen still giving grants to Planned Parenthood

 American Life League staff recently undertook an examination of the Susan G. Komen affiliates' Form 990 (a federal tax form) to determine the amounts being given directly to Planned Parenthood affiliates by Komen affiliates. in.          


[ To see numbers for 2009-2010, click here. ] 


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Obama admin website: Infants and children are 'sexual beings'

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Borrowing Planned Parenthood's talking points almost verbatim, the Obama administration is now encouraging parents to begin thinking about their children, and even babies, as "sexual beings."  The talking points on the page closely reflect the counseling on a parenting page by Planned Parenthood, the nation's top contraception and sex education lobby, where readers are told they "need to give babies a sense of themselves, their sexuality, and their bodies from birth."       

Baby makes new mom feel guilty about her abortion

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Today I ran across an interesting article on a "mommy blog" called The Stir that contained a confession from a woman who regretted her abortion because of a consequence she never could have foreseen-her abortion at 17 was keeping her from bonding with her new baby. 

Cyclist makes 'miraculous' recovery


Aaron Denham was lying motionless in his hospital bed after suffering a broken neck, smashed pelvis and punctured lung. Doctors were within hours of turning off the 22-year-old carpenter's life support machine. But now, just a few months later, he is making a rapid recovery and can even walk unaided. The first sign that talk of Aaron's funeral was premature was when his hand flipped over at Southampton General Hospital. His mum, Deborah, ran from the intensive care unit in disbelief as the unexpected movement sparked dreams that he may survive the ordeal.