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• Biden to China: Not Second-Guessing One-Child Policy

• Abortion Business in Pensacola, Florida Shuts Down

Judge: North Carolina Must Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
• Woman Possibly Dies From Botched Abortion, Medical Board Stalling

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• Pink Ribbons Not Cute When Komen Backs Planned Parenthood
• Congressman Paul Ryan Won t Seek GOP Presidential Nod
• Obama Admin Wrong to Persecute Elderly Pro-Life Man
• Planned Parenthood Wisconsin Facing Tough Times After Cuts
• Doctors Save Unborn Baby of Pregnant Teen Killed in Shooting
• Death TV: Assisted Suicide as a Means of Entertainment
• Abortion Backers Push Warren for Senate in Massachusetts
• New Documentary Shows Pro-Life Struggles in the Philippines

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Biden to China: Not Second-Guessing One-Child Policy
Vice-President Joe Biden is in China to attempt to revive the financial image of the United States after a first-ever downgrade in its financial rating. In attempting to explain some of the financial concerns the U.S. faces, Biden failed to criticize China s one-child policy.

The one-child policy, instituted by the Communist government in the late 1970s to stem rising population, compels couples in urban areas to have just one child and limits couples in rural areas to two children if the first child is a girl, as girls are seen as having lesser value than boys in some parts of the Asian nation.

The policy has stirred global controversy since it was implemented, as it has resulted in massive campaigns of forced abortions and sterilizations, fines for families violating the rule, sentences to prison and forced labor camps for violators and their families who shelter them from government officials, home detention, loss of jobs or government benefits, beatings and other human rights abuses.

In his statement, Biden talked about the other set of concerns about the one-child policy demographic in that China will increasingly have similar problems to the United States in terms of paying for entitlements to the growing number of people retiring who will need government support to make ends meet and a smaller population of younger workers able to take care of those obligations.

But as I was talking to some of your leaders, you share a similar concern here in China. You have no safety net, Biden said in the prepared remarks. Your policy has been one which I fully understand I m not second-guessing of one child per family. The result being that you re in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people. Not sustainable.

Abortion Business in Pensacola, Florida Shuts Down
An abortion business in Pensacola is the latest to close its doors and the closing follows a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign where local pro-life advocates prayed this would happen.

AMS, Affiliated Medical Services, is one of two abortion centers in the Florida city and it was located on 6115 Village Oaks Drive. However, local pro-life advocate Bob Brady informs LifeNews that the last day of abortions was August 5 and it has closed down, after Dione Pro, Inc. filed a lawsuit against it over unpaid mortgage payments for the facility.

The AMS clinic s web site is also shut down, he says. Of interest is the fact that the sheriff has taken possession of the clinic building.

Brady says the county sheriff s office has posted a notice on the outside of the abortion clinic facility reading: This is to give notice on this date ECSO Civil Division has taken immediate possession of the proscribed property in Escambia County Florida at 6115 Village Oaks Drive 32524. And put plaintiff agent in possession of same this 15th day of August 2011. Case # 2011 CC 002472 in the case styled DIONE PRO INC. a Florida Corporation. Plaintiff vs AMS of Pensacola. All vacate without delay. If you reenter you are guilty of criminal violation & subject to arrest.

The Escambia County Sheriff has taken possession of the AMS abortion clinic located at 6115 Village Oaks Dr. Pensacola, FL, and has ordered the building be vacated, he told LifeNews. Anyone reentering will be guilty of a criminal violation and be subject to arrest as of August 15, 2011.

Judge: North Carolina Must Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
A federal judge has ruled that North Carolina must fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business while it moves forward with the lawsuit it filed against the state over a decision by state lawmakers to revoke its taxpayer funding in the state budget.

In North Carolina, the state legislature approved a measure to remove federal funds from the pro-abortion organization in its state budget. The abortion business receives $434,000 through state family planning programs aimed at reducing teen pregnancies and providing birth control. Although the money can only be used for non-abortion services, the same organization is also the nation s largest abortion business doing more than 330,000 annually and comprising more than one-quarter of all abortions in the United States annually.

Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina (PPCNC) filed suit in federal court to declare invalid the portion of the state budget that yanks its tax money. Planned Parenthood CEO Janet Colm claims the abortion chain is wrongly singled out for a revocation of tax dollars and complains the abortion business may have to close or scale back offices and potentially lay off staff if the funding is not received.

U.S. District Court Judge James Beaty heard arguments from both sides in Winston Salem earlier this month and, on Friday, he ordered North Carolina to honor its contract with Planned Parenthood pending the outcome of the lawsuit. Beaty issued a preliminary injunction siding with the abortion giant in its demand to receive $212,000 of the funds.

Beaty said health department Secretary Lanier Cansler must renew the funding, writing, The court expects defendant Cansler to follow all applicable state and federal laws and regulations and warning that further proceedings would be appropriate if the state doesn t comply. The state had a contract in place for 2011-2012 that he ruled it must honor.

Woman Possibly Dies From Botched Abortion, Medical Board Stalling
A woman profiled in 911 phone calls a pro-life group obtained from two abortion facilities in New Mexico has reportedly died while the New Mexico state medical board comes under fire for possibly stalling an investigation.

As LifeNews has repeatedly reported, Operation Rescue has obtained various phone calls covering 911 emergency calls made by the UNM Center for Reproductive Health in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the Southwestern Women s Options late-term abortion facility in the same city.

A confidential informant has now come forward with more information about one of the patients who was the subject of the emergency calls. The information told OR and Tara Shaver of local pro-life group Project Defending Life that a woman died from abortion-related injuries at the UNM Center for Reproductive Health last month. The informant spoke several times with Shaver about the botched abortion and described how an emergency vehicle picked up the body of the woman who underwent the abortion procedure and transported the body to an undisclosed location.

Clinic workers who were visibly upset and shaken at the time of the incident were told not to discuss the situation with anyone, according to OR president Troy Newman and details the informant gave to Shaver made it appear the information was credible. Both groups have attempted to verify the information, but have had trouble getting details about the woman and her death from the abortion because of HIPAA privacy laws, but Newman says his group reported the abortion death to police.

We have seen several abortionists, such as Rapin Osathanondh and Kermit Gosnell, criminally charged and sent to jail after abortion deaths, he said. Because of the fact that a death is involved, and because there appeared to be an attempt to cover up the death by ordering workers not to talk, it became our duty to report this to the police.

Pink Ribbons Not Cute When Komen Backs Planned Parenthood
Pink ribbons are cute. They have become very trendy. Everyone has caught on to them, too. A couple of airlines wear pink during October some yogurt companies have pink ribbons on their merchandise everyone is doing it. Well, not me.

I hate breast cancer. I REALLY hate it. Breast cancer stole one of the most important people in my life from me my father s twin sister my aunt. Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer. My cousin died of breast cancer. Breast cancer is like a terrible virus that keeps sweeping through my family. And like all viruses, you can t get rid of them; they keep coming back.

My aunt was an amazing person. She never met a stranger. She loved everyone. And, she was pro-life. She LOVED babies. She was one of the most precious people I have ever known. I watched her battle this terrible disease for 9 years. There were ups and downs but she never gave up. She fought, sometimes with hair, sometimes without. She lost her breasts. She had multiple surgeries. She was always hopeful. Every day was a gift. Her life was a gift.

Now, I know there is lots of debate about the link between abortion and breast cancer. And to be honest, I am not convinced either way. I am not a scientist, but I love research. I know that for every study that shows a link, I can find one or two that shows there is no link. I just can t simply prove that to be fact.

But here is a fact Susan G. Komen gave $700,000 in grant money to Planned Parenthood last year. Susan G. Komen is the largest breast cancer research group. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in our country. Hmmm why would those two groups be partnering together?

Congressman Paul Ryan Won t Seek GOP Presidential Nod
Congressman Paul Ryan, the pro-life Wisconsin lawmaker known for his in-depth knowledge of economic issues and focus on curbing debt and entitlements, has decided against seeking the GOP presidential nomination.

Ryan s name has been on the bubble for months and, last week, talk of a potential candidacy rose to its highest levels yet. But, citing family concerns and a desire to stay focused on economic and budget issues in the House, Ryan told The Weekly Standard he won t run.

I sincerely appreciate the support from those eager to chart a brighter future for the next generation, he said in a statement, according to the conservative newspaper.

While humbled by the encouragement, I have not changed my mind, and therefore I am not seeking our party s nomination for President, he said. I remain hopeful that our party will nominate a candidate committed to a pro-growth agenda of reform that restores the promise and prosperity of our exceptional nation. I remain grateful to those I serve in Southern Wisconsin for the unique opportunity to advance this effort in Congress.

The Weekly Standard said Ryan had no ambition to become president but investigated the idea because so many people came to him asking him to consider running.

Obama Admin Wrong to Persecute Elderly Pro-Life Man
I d like to introduce you to Richard Retta, a 79-year-old grandfather. He s being prosecuted by President Obama s Department of Justice (DOJ).

Richard s crime is that he walks alongside women on the sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. He gently offers them hope that they can carry their babies to full term and save these innocent children from the deadly claws of the abortion industry.

For the first time in over a decade, Richard is being sued for obstruction. The DOJ claims that his actions violate the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which Congress enacted in 1994. He now faces a $10,000 civil penalty for violating FACE and another $15,000 in fines to alleged victims. We predicted then that the FACE Act would ultimately be used to prosecute law abiding pro-life advocates.

Never mind that this statute permits him to walk besides women coming to or going from a so-called clinic like Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, the FACE Act forbids only physical obstruction, intimidation, or the use of force. It actually goes so far as to specifically protect Richard s actions; namely, any expressive conduct (including peaceful picketing or other peaceful demonstration).

The handling of Richard Retta by the DOJ is a stark contrast to their dismissal of a recent New Black Panther voter-obstruction case in 2008. The pro-abortion Justice Department an irony in itself appears to consider peaceful sidewalk counselors more of a physical threat than men armed with night sticks who intimidate voters outside a polling place.

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin Facing Tough Times After Cuts
The Wisconsin affiliate of the Planned Parenthood abortion business is facing tough economic times following a decision by state legislators to cut off $1 million in taxpayer funding for the agency.

Doctors Save Unborn Baby of Pregnant Teen Killed in Shooting
Doctors in Illinois were able to save the unborn child of a young woman who was tragically killed in a shooting on the south side of Chicago.

Death TV: Assisted Suicide as a Means of Entertainment
In Europe and in parts of the United States, Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) has quickly become an accepted means to kill one s self when facing a terminal disease.

Abortion Backers Push Warren for Senate in Massachusetts
Pro-abortion forces are on the move. After investing millions of dollars into the 2010 Massachusetts special election to keep the late Senator Ted Kennedy s seat in pro-abortion Democratic hands, they were dealt a devastating blow when Bay State voters elected Republican Scott Brown. Regaining Kennedy s seat is a top priority in 2012 for Democrats and the pro-abortion movement.

New Documentary Shows Pro-Life Struggles in the Philippines
As debate over the anti-life Reproductive Health (RH) Bill heats up in the Philippine legislature, a new documentary highlighting the fight for life in the Philippines is set to air on Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).


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