Thursday, August 18, 2011 -

Thursday, August 18, 2011

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There will be a limited number of stories and likely none on Friday as LifeSiteNews staff travel from far and wide to our annual staff planning meeting. This year it will again take place on Friday and Saturday in the tiny and beautiful northern hamlet of Barry’s Bay in Ontario, Canada. It’s a great place for thinking, prayer and productive discussion.

The Laci Faith Lowell story is awesome. Give it a read. It will make your day.

The Chicago flash mob phenomenon is a bright new sign of the varied dynamism of the new youth pro-life movements growing everywhere. The St. John Cantius group has been especially outstanding with their unabashedly positive, super energetic and brightly colored flash mob chant routines. I get tired and at the same time energized just watching them.

At the 2011 Washington March for Life we took some video of their creative routines. I wish we had taken far more.The video gives you only a brief glimpse of what they do. There was much more and some that was more dramatic than what was filmed. I have never seen anything like this group. They are making very big waves for pro-life and showing the public where the future really lies - with the pro-life families, youth and associated communities and movements..

Steve Jalsevac

Abortion never had a chance with us: our experience having a disabled child

The Editors Wed Aug 17 17:38 EST Opinion

After we found out about Laci's problems the doctor told us we had “options.” We asked, “What do you mean, options”? And then it clicked. He was referring to abortion.

Pro-life ‘flash mob’ launches massive balloon rosary above Chicago skyline

Jeremy Kryn Wed Aug 17 15:48 EST Abortion

Last Friday, a pro-life “flash mob” launched a massive 75-foot floating LIFE balloon rosary over the streets of Chicago.

Brown-stained surgical equipment at bizarre Rockford abortion mill: Illinois officials

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Aug 17 13:30 EST Abortion

The owner of the bizarre facility routinely displays anti-Christian symbols, such as a nun in a coffin and a crucified rubber chicken, in its windows.

Chicago priest leading group with ties to Planned Parenthood

Patrick B. Craine Wed Aug 17 20:14 EST Faith

The priest led a cadre of priests last year in opposing major pro-life reforms at Chicago’s branch of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Kansas abortion clinics try to stonewall new abortion regulation law Wed Aug 17 19:05 EST Abortion

“The abortion cartel lost big in Arizona to AAPLOG on clinics safety standards, and now they are trying to avoid another defeat in Kansas,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Catholic Maryland governor rejects bishop’s exhortation not to support gay ‘marriage’

Jeremy Kryn Wed Aug 17 17:17 EST Faith

Archbishop O’Brien had challenged Governor O’Malley to act in line with his faith, suggesting that the governor was acting out of “mere political expediency.”

Parents beware: You can’t trust doctors with your kids

Patrick B. Craine Wed Aug 17 16:04 EST Contraception

A survey of ob/gyns conducted earlier this year found that 94 percent would provide contraceptives to a minor without notifying her parents.

IVF turns pregnancy into a shopping expedition ... with deadly results

Denise J. Hunnell, MD Wed Aug 17 17:59 EST Opinion

Sowing more than you need and culling the excess once seeds have germinated is a great approach to gardening. But it is a horrific way to approach pregnancy and childbirth.

Christian Church facing a revolution that is shaking its foundations: the gay revolution

Albert Mohler Wed Aug 17 13:42 EST Opinion

The Christian church has faced no shortage of challenges in its 2,000-year history. But now it’s facing a challenge that is shaking its foundations: homosexuality.

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