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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Woman loses abortion regret case: was told unborn child not a human being

Jeremy Kryn Wed Aug 31 16:24 EST Abortion

The plaintiff had specifically asked a clinic counselor at Planned Parenthood if her unborn child was a human being, to which the counselor had allegedly responded "no."

US bishops’ lawyers accuse Obama Administration of ‘an unprecedented attack on religious liberty’

John-Henry Westen Wed Aug 31 16:04 EST Abortion

The general counsel of the USCCB called on the HHS to rescind its mandate forcing private insurance plans to cover contraception—including abortifacients—and sterilization.

Lady Who?: Gaga male alter-ego sparks confusion, repulsion at VMAs

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Aug 31 10:13 EST Opinion

The impassioned gay rights stand is one of very few Lady Gaga seems willing to let slip from under her amorphous persona.

Lesbian ex-partners can seek child custody from biological mother: Nebraska high court

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Aug 31 17:45 EST Homosexuality

An unrelated woman can seek custody of an unadopted child if the petitioner once acted as co-parent during a lesbian relationship with the mother, Nebraska's high court has ruled.

Federal judge forces Kansas to fund Planned Parenthood

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Aug 31 15:38 EST Abortion

“Title X was not intended to be an entitlement program for Planned Parenthood," said Kansas Department of Health and Environment head Dr. Robert Moser.

Idaho woman brings first challenge in country against unborn pain act

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Aug 31 14:30 EST Abortion

Pro-abortion groups have so far been unwilling to bring the fetal pain abortion bans to court, likely for fear of defeat.

Texas judge prevents enforcement of key provisions of pro-life ultrasound law

Jeremy Kryn Wed Aug 31 14:18 EST Abortion

“We definitely thought the bill would withstand the scrutiny of the courts,” Texas state representative Sid Miller, the author of the ultrasound law, told LifeSiteNews.

Pro-family leader warns of effort to ‘sabotage’ crucial vote at Toronto Catholic school board

Patrick B. Craine Wed Aug 31 13:50 EST Faith

After months of promises of a vote on key amendments to the board's controversial equity policy, board staff put forward their own 'neutered' amendments on Monday.

BREAKING: Historic Polish ban on all abortions fails by razor-thin margin

Jeremy Kryn Wed Aug 31 14:42 EST Abortion

The ban was rejected on Wednesday afternoon in an excruciatingly close 191-186 vote, with five abstentions.

Mother in critical condition, unborn baby dead at Melbourne abortion facility

Peter Baklinski Wed Aug 31 13:41 EST Abortion

A pro-life source in Australia told that the abortion facility “one of the worst in the country and will do abortions that no one else would touch.”

Personal prison prepared for Chinese forced abortion opponent Chen

Reggie Littlejohn, Women Without Frontiers Wed Aug 31 08:05 EST Abortion

They will be separated from their five-year-old daughter in the move. Their young son, living with relatives, was reportedly strip-searched leaving the family home.

Must listen: family band with 10 children spreading culture of life with powerful pro-life song

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Aug 31 17:10 EST Abortion

Emily has been singing "Mommy I'm Yours" at their shows for the past year, and told LifeSiteNews that she has never gotten a negative reaction to the song.

Why are we surprised with the push for ‘pedophile rights’?

John-Henry Westen Wed Aug 31 16:23 EST Homosexuality

The age of increasing sexual anarchy in which we live is a fruit of the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.

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