Friday, November 16, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Friday Nov 16 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

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An abundance of quality reading this weekend. Think it this way: if you get a daily newspaper, we present far fewer news reports than any of them, and yet all of ours are much more worth reading.

On the HHS mandate, Cardinal Dolan is showing religious leadership of a type that has been largely missing in North America for decades. Bravo!

Hilary White provides more needed insight into the reprehensible exploitation tactics being used to force abortion legalization in Ireland.

The distinguished Robert Royal provides some needed, friendly counsel to the US bishops at a time when dire circumstances call for the mythical, passive, “nice” Christ culture in the Church to be discarded.

We are privileged to publish the many blog posts of Jill Stanek. Jill’s talent is to discover notable facts on particular issues, stay totally true to the cause of life and state the obvious, logical conclusions. She does it again today regarding the GOP’s self-inflicted election loss.

LSN’s John Jalsevac dug for the real facts on the media controversy about a young Minnesota Catholic lad not receiving Confirmation because of his support for homosexual “marriage”. Seems John may have written the best story anywhere so far on this controversy.

Abortion support rising? If so, thank the GOP for aiding and abetting - Jill Stanek

Priest denies he refused Confirmation to teen over gay ‘marriage’ views

John Jalsevac Fri Nov 16 16:29 EST Family

Fr. Lamoine told LifeSiteNew.coms that the final decision to delay confirmation was made by the boy himself -- and that his support for gay "marriage" would have precluded him from receiving the sacrament.

Cardinal Dolan: Catholic Church will ‘not obey’ immoral HHS mandate

Patrick B. Craine Fri Nov 16 13:38 EST Faith

“No door is closed except the door to capitulation," said Cardinal Dolan.

Cardinal Dolan.

5-Hour Energy fights breast cancer with charity that does not fund Planned Parenthood

Peter Baklinski Fri Nov 16 13:04 EST Abortion

The Avon Foundation for Women reveals Planned Parenthood "was not among our funded applicants."

Six abortion workers quit during last 40 Days for Life campaign

John Jalsevac Fri Nov 16 18:52 EST Abortion

The 40 Days organizers also know of 789 babies who have been saved from abortion during the campaign.

U.S. Bishops back sainthood cause of post-abortive woman

Patrick B. Craine Fri Nov 16 15:22 EST Abortion

Dorothy Day was "a saint for our time," says Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.

Research attorney suspended for nasty tweets about Phill Kline: Report

Operation Rescue staff Fri Nov 16 14:52 EST Abortion

Sarah Peterson Herr is out after a demeaning and prejudicial series of posts on Twitter, according to the Associated Press.

Sarah Peterson Herr, research attorney.

Energy drink allegedly linked to one miscarriage

Peter Baklinski Fri Nov 16 12:49 EST Abortion

Directions state that the drink is not to be taken if “you are pregnant or nursing, or under 12 years of age.”

Ohio state senator: GOP means ‘Get Out of my Panties’

John Jalsevac Fri Nov 16 12:08 EST Abortion

Democrats and abortion supporters have increasingly claimed the Republican party’s pro-life position is an attack on women’s genitals.

Is the 'fix' in on Kline case? Clerk’s nasty tweets indicate bias

Operation Rescue staff Fri Nov 16 09:55 EST Abortion

“Why is Phil [sic] Klein smiling? There is nothing to smile about, douchebag.”

Vatican turns critical eye to abortions at Catholic hospitals

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Nov 16 19:51 EST Abortion

A priest told, "In this conference the Church's credibility is at stake."

Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona.

UN population report cites discredited ‘Freakanomics’ abortion study

Ben Johnson Fri Nov 16 19:45 EST Abortion

A report on “birth control” cited the study claiming abortion accounts for half of the recent drop in crime.

UN report: Religious objections to contraception and abortifacients violate human rights

Ben Johnson Fri Nov 16 18:43 EST Contraception

The UN Population Fund says nations must work to reduce “cultural, social, economic or logistical barriers” to “emergency contraception.”

‘Legalize abortion now!’: The whole world is baying for the blood of Irish children

Hilary White Fri Nov 16 18:15 EST Opinion

The tragic death of Savita has opened the floodgates of pro-abortion outrage. Facts don't matter. The only thing that matters is legalizing the killing of unborn children.

Leading pro-abortion campaigner appointed new head of Girlguiding UK

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Nov 16 16:27 EST Abortion

Julia Bentley insists that her previous work promoting sex and contraception to girls as young as 11 is not "at odds" with her appointment.

Quo vadis, O bishops?

Robert Royal Fri Nov 16 16:23 EST Faith

To start with, forget about being nice says Robert Royal.

WHO prescribes unsafe abortion for poor women

Wendy Wright Fri Nov 16 16:01 EST Abortion

Its new manual downplays medical oversight and recommends disposing of the "waste," including babies' remains, in sewers or latrines.

The real ‘War on Women’ is a civil war

Kristen Walker Fri Nov 16 10:15 EST Opinion

The numbers are in, and they are grim.

Euthanasia is now ‘assisted dying'?

Paul Russell Fri Nov 16 10:12 EST imgimgimgimg