Monday, November 12, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Monday Nov 12 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

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‘Vote the Bible’ IS a partisan statement - Ben Johnson

GOP: Competing for the pro-choice 41 percent? - Jill Stanek

Social myths about abortion after rape - Peter Saunders

‘Uterine contents shower’: Awesome pro-life ad exposes absurd pro-abortion language - John Jalsevac

Planned Parenthood clinic closes five days after 40 Days for Life wraps up - Shawn Carney - 40 Days for Life

‘End this pregnancy and tie her tubes,’ says doctor in forced abortion trial: transcript

Kirsten Andersen Mon Nov 12 17:43 EST Abortion

That was the stark advice given by a a court-summoned doctor in a possible forced abortion case involving a mentally handicapped woman in Nevada.

New Mexico abortionist faces discipline after botched abortion left woman with ruptured uterus Mon Nov 12 11:15 EST Abortion

“Shelley Sella has a long and sordid history," said Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue.

‘The Miracle of Abortion’: The Onion imagines showing 8th graders the reality of abortion

Adam Cassandra Mon Nov 12 10:35 EST Opinion

Middle school children “squirmed uncomfortably and grimaced in disgust” when shown the “educational video,” "reported" The Onoin.

CBS journalist: Pro-lifers are just 'trying to build up the' white race

Ben Johnson Mon Nov 12 19:04 EST Abortion

CBS correspondent Nancy Giles said she thought racism may be "why they're trying to eliminate all these abortions and stuff."

Nancy Giles

‘We will defy’ Obama’s birth control mandate, says new Nebraska bishop

Kirsten Andersen Mon Nov 12 18:30 EST Abortion

"We will defy it and face the consequences," said Bishop James Conley.

Black pastors must take the lead against abortion: Texas state rep.

Rachel Bohannon Mon Nov 12 18:02 EST Abortion

“When you look at the disproportionate number of black babies...killed by abortion, obviously, it’s a failure in public policy, but it’s a failure within our communities," said Rep. White.

200+ Catholic healthcare workers celebrate ‘White Mass’ under shadow of HHS mandate

Tim O’Neill Mon Nov 12 12:12 EST Abortion

"You should be a Catholic first as well as a doctor,” said Thomas McKenna, director of the St. Gianna Physician's Guild.

Pro-abortion, anti-family Justin Trudeau invited to speak at Ottawa Catholic school

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Nov 12 17:06 EST Homosexuality

Although he describes himself as a Catholic in his private life, Justin is well known for his public support of abortion and same-sex "marriage."

Christianity as threatened by liberalised doctrine as by Islamic violence: Nigerian Anglican Primate

Hilary White Mon Nov 12 16:18 EST Faith

“The faith is something which is delivered to us. It is not something which we have discovered for ourselves," said the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh.

Vatican vows to continue fighting for traditional marriage despite setbacks

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Nov 12 14:55 EST Homosexuality

In a statement published in 30 languages, Vatican spokesman Fr. Lombardi said that under gay "marriage," there is no reason not to legalize polygamy and polyandry.

My mother’s dignified, holy death

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Mon Nov 12 13:10 EST Opinion

My mother died on Sunday, 28th of October. She was 90, and had been completely dependent for 18 months. By progressive standards, her life was completely useless.

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