Monday, November 26, 2012

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Monday, November 26, 2012

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Five abortion workers leaving one clinic in Atlanta: three from another in Houston

John Jalsevac Mon Nov 26 14:23 EST Abortion

“God is up to something BIG in Atlanta!” said Abby Johnson in an update to supporters of her charity, which helps abortion workers leave the industry.

U.S. Supreme Court orders review of HHS mandate

Ben Johnson Mon Nov 26 12:52 EST Abortion

The order sets the stage for Liberty University to clash with the Obama administration before the High Court next year.

My porn addiction

John Jalsevac Mon Nov 26 10:42 EST Opinion

I confess that it is not easy for me to make this admission.

McCain to pro-lifers: State your position, then ‘leave the issue alone’

Ben Johnson Mon Nov 26 20:28 EST Abortion

John and Meghan McCain enter the GOP civil war over social issues and the party's future.

GQ magazine names Chen Guangcheng ‘Rebel of the Year’

John Jalsevac Mon Nov 26 17:31 EST Abortion

Even the editors of the gentleman's monthly can't help but give due homage to the steel nerve of China's most famous dissident, Chen Guangcheng.

The world is overpopulated? Nope. But cities are really big.

Population Research Institute Mon Nov 26 13:33 EST

Over the past hundred years, half the world’s population has moved country to city.

Toronto’s conservative-leaning mayor booted from office

Patrick B. Craine Mon Nov 26 10:49 EST Politics

The mayor angered the city's liberal stronghold by refusing to attend Toronto’s Gay Pride parade.

Christianity and abortion: is it really that complicated?

Kristen Walker Mon Nov 26 18:46 EST Opinion

I could stand before God on Judgment Day and He could be all, “You were gravely mistaken, my child. I love abortion.” But somehow I doubt it.

My little sister was a person, too!

Caroline Slingerland Mon Nov 26 15:30 EST Opinion

The morning of her birth, when Mom and Dad returned home from the hospital, rather than the excitement of a new baby, they had empty arms and the duty of selecting a coffin and arranging a funeral.

Daily Kos pounds pro-lifers as slut-shaming ‘slimebuckets’

Tim Graham Mon Nov 26 11:51 EST Opinion

Some left-wingers don’t beat around the bush.

Government will act ‘speedily’ to legalize abortion: Irish Labour Party

Hilary White Mon Nov 26 10:33 EST Abortion

However, the coalition government, split between Labour and Fine Gael, is said to be in a state of turmoil over the issue.

Abortion should be considered ‘medical treatment’: Irish expert group in leaked report

Hilary White Mon Nov 26 09:53 EST Abortion

A leading UK abortion advocate said that if the report's recommendations are followed, Ireland will likely end up with abortion on demand.

Irish parents grateful for ‘precious moments’ with baby who lived just 17 minutes after birth

Peter Baklinski Mon Nov 26 17:01 EST Culture of Life

ClĂ­ona now treasures the memories of her son and is grateful for the ways he has helped her to grow on a personal level.

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