Monday, November 19, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Monday Nov 19 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

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Romney’s abandonment of social issues contributed to his defeat

Austin Ruse Mon Nov 19 14:30 EST Opinion

Exactly when did Mitt Romney campaign, I mean really campaign on the life issues?

Pro-choice: Why I’m never going back

Kristen Walker Mon Nov 19 11:45 EST Opinion

I am pro-life because of information. I was pro-choice because of lack of information. That’s really the simplest answer.

Ann Coulter dumped as ‘hateful,’ but pro-infanticide Peter Singer ok?: Jesuit university

Hilary White Mon Nov 19 10:31 EST Abortion

Pro-infanticide/abortion/euthanasia/bestiality Peter Singer appeared last week at a conference at Fordham, while Ann Coulter was dumped for being too "hateful."

Texan surgeon gives hope to sterilized men seeking wholeness

Peter Baklinski Mon Nov 19 18:10 EST Contraception

Dr. Mark Hickman would try to talk any man out of having a vasectomy any day.

Fmr. Obama advisor is the new leader of a 'Catholic' charity

Ben Johnson Mon Nov 19 17:13 EST Abortion

Alexia Kelley previously worked for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which funds pro-abortion, anti-family advocacy groups.

San Francisco set to vote on ban on public nudity, except at ‘gay pride’ events

Ben Johnson Mon Nov 19 16:33 EST Homosexuality

A transgender attorney has filed a lawsuit to preserve unlimited public exposure.

Superintendent Scott Wiener.

Disgraced abortionist allowed to forgo bond on $93,000 legal debt

John Jalsevac Mon Nov 19 15:23 EST Abortion

Neuhaus’ license was formally revoked in June after she was found guilty of providing bogus referrals for underage girls for late-term abortions.

Video: Sign the new Emancipation Proclamation for the preborn child

Ben Johnson Mon Nov 19 14:13 EST Abortion

On the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's pronouncement, pro-lifers will unveil the Emancipation Proclamation for the Preborn Child.

Christian publisher wins nation’s third injunction against HHS mandate

Patrick B. Craine Mon Nov 19 12:42 EST Abortion

A DC federal court judge says the mandate would require Tyndale House Publishers to "violate their religious beliefs in order to comply."

Those pro-family rallies in France: unexpectedly massive and wildly successful…but a little odd

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Mon Nov 19 18:55 EST Opinion

Organizers had teamed up with socialist groups and homosexuals who are opposed to gay "marriage," and religious expressions were banned from the event.

Hundreds of thousands rally against gay ‘marriage’ in France

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Nov 19 18:45 EST Homosexuality

A nationwide rally drew an estimated 200,000 protesters in Paris according to organizers, with tens of thousands more attending rallies throughout the country.

The Glee Effect: how America went gay

John Stonestreet Mon Nov 19 16:35 EST Opinion

There’s no point in mincing words. The culture has shifted when it comes to homosexuality and so-called gay "marriage.” Why?

Obama wins–Planned Parenthood closes clinics; the ultimate irony

Jim Sedlak Mon Nov 19 15:54 EST Opinion

Planned Parenthood will close many of its clinics before the next presidential election. Here's why.

Mark Regnerus and the storm over his controversial gay parenting study

Matthew J. Franck Mon Nov 19 12:28 EST Opinion

Attacks on sociologist Mark Regnerus after he challenged the “no differences” thesis haven’t obscured the high quality of the New Family Structures Study or its troubling findings.

The erosion of ethics in organ transplantation: what’s a Catholic to do?

Denise J. Hunnell, MD Mon Nov 19 11:02 EST Opinion

The explosion in organ transplant technology has resulted in a tremendous shortage of available organs.

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