Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Legal abortion not the answer in Ireland deaths - Stephanie Gray

Media ignore flaws with abortion ‘Turnaway’ study - Michael New

Hobby Lobby loses to HHS mandate in federal court

Johanna Dasteel Tue Nov 20 18:16 EST Contraception

Hobby Lobby expects to face fines estimated at $1.3 million per day beginning January 1 if it is unsuccessful in its legal challenge.

Man who assaulted elderly pro-lifer charged with 3 sexual assaults, including 13-year-old girl

Ben Johnson Tue Nov 20 16:11 EST Abortion

Police collected DNA after Costello pushed the elderly pro-lifer, which linked him to several sex assaults.

Everett Standig

Court clerk fired after attacking Phill Kline in tweets during ethics hearing

John Jalsevac Tue Nov 20 15:33 EST Abortion

Phill Kline is being investigated for "ethics" violations after filing charges against Planned Parenthood and late-term abortionist George Tiller.

More than three-quarters of homosexuals voted for Obama: surveys

Ben Johnson Tue Nov 20 19:18 EST Homosexuality

Perhaps as much as 90 percent of homosexual voters preferred the president to Mitt Romney.

Texas may clamp down on telemed abortions, surgical abortions halted temporarily in Pittsburgh, more

Ben Johnson Tue Nov 20 18:43 EST Abortion

A state round-up of pro-life, pro-family legislation.

Majority of Catholic colleges host pro-homosexual groups: survey

Johanna Dasteel Tue Nov 20 17:36 EST Homosexuality

A survey by TFP Student Action has found pro-homosexual student clubs at 111 out of 211 Catholic colleges and universities.

The Mirena IUD is becoming more popular - and the lawsuits are piling up

Steven Mosher Tue Nov 20 18:45 EST Opinion

You know a contraceptive drug or device is in trouble when the lawsuits begin to multiply.

Irish bishops: lives of mother and child are both sacred

Adam Cassandra Tue Nov 20 17:51 EST Abortion

Pro-abortion activists have claimed that Catholic teaching was responsible for Savita Halappanavar's death. The bishops dispute this claim.

Will teachers be fired for not teaching gay ‘marriage’?: UK education minister won’t rule it out

Peter Baklinski Tue Nov 20 17:20 EST Homosexuality

A Christian Member of Parliament had asked the education minister, but the education minister wouldn't speak to the issue or offer any assurances.

Fordham law profs demand funding for Vagina Monologues, pro-abortion groups

Cardinal Newman Society Tue Nov 20 15:22 EST Opinion

The profs say because the university president refused to cancel an appearance by Ann Coulter, the university should also fund abortion groups.

The vindication of Mark Regnerus

Matthew J. Franck Tue Nov 20 14:36 EST Opinion

Mark Regnerus’s response to his critics shows more clearly that instability is characteristic of same-sex relationships and that stable same-sex parented households are virtually non-existent.

Abandonment of Christian principles led to Europe’s economic crisis: Hungarian Prime Minister

Hilary White Tue Nov 20 14:26 EST Faith

“An economic improvement is only possible for Europe and Hungary if souls and hearts rise, too,” Viktor Orban said.

Ending gendercide: 200 million missing girls

Eric Metaxas Tue Nov 20 11:16 EST Opinion

Gendercide, the forced abortion of baby girls, is an international catastrophe. But we can do something about it.

Head of Savita inquiry is president-elect of radical pro-abortion group

Hilary White Tue Nov 20 10:53 EST Abortion

Professor Arulkumaran has said that countries with restrictive abortion laws need to be “challenged” to reconsider legalization.

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