Thursday, November 29, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Thursday Nov 29 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Catholic Congresswoman introduces resolution condemning sexual reparative therapy

John Jalsevac Thu Nov 29 18:50 EST Homosexuality

Jackie Speier’s resolution comes at the same time as a legal challenge is ongoing against a California law that bans the therapy for minors.

Abortionist linked to Eric Holder says he is the victim of a 'witch hunt'

Kirsten Andersen Thu Nov 29 18:27 EST Abortion

“The state is using its vast police powers to harass, persecute, and undermine one of its citizens to further an obvious political agenda,” his lawyers claim.

Toronto nativity scene vandalized for fifth time in six years

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Nov 29 13:45 EST Faith

"It is disappointing to see the intolerance toward Christianity in our city," the group behind the scene told

The nativity scene was also vandalized in 2010, as pictured

New Mexico hearing sheds light on dangers of full-term abortions

Operation Rescue staff Thu Nov 29 18:54 EST Abortion

The medical board says Shelley Sella ignored a patient's medical history in a badly botched abortion.

Shelley Sella, late-term abortionist.

Mississippi’s last abortion clinic sues to block state law that may close its doors

Kirsten Andersen Thu Nov 29 16:54 EST Abortion

Local hospitals say the facility's practices are "inconsistent" with their abortion policies.

Jackson Women's Health Organization

Missouri appeals court blocks HHS mandate: first appeals court to do so

John Jalsevac Thu Nov 29 15:05 EST Abortion

“The order sends a message that the religious beliefs of employers must be respected by the government," said lawyer Francis Manion.

Southern Poverty Law Center sues after reparative therapy does not change teens’ sexual orientation

Family Research Center Thu Nov 29 11:15 EST Freedom

SPLC files a whale of a lawsuit against JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives of Healing).

U.S. District Judge dismisses Pittsburgh diocese’s lawsuit against ObamaCare

Dave Andrusko Thu Nov 29 10:35 EST Contraception

The judge is reassured that the Obama administration is “committed to amending the preventive services coverage regulations well before January 2014."

Judge Terrence McVerry.

My boyfriend paid for the abortion with his band’s AMEX

Brice Griffin Thu Nov 29 10:12 EST Abortion

"For months after that, I knew nothing except that I wanted to die," a rocker's ex-girlfriend says of her experience.

Brice Griffin tells her story.

CBC trashes homeschooling mothers as incompetent, uneducated, and sexually irresponsible

Peter Baklinski Thu Nov 29 16:38 EST Freedom

“OK, so I’m supposed to learn geometry from a lady who never graduated college and wasn’t smart enough to use condoms?” asked a spokesperson on CBC’s The Current.

Anna Marie Tremonti badgered a homeschool spokesperson over

Euthanasia activists trying to block anti-euthanasia group from intervening in key court case

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Nov 29 15:59 EST Euthanasia

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is seeking to intervene in the appeal of a B.C. court case that found Canada's law against assisted suicide unconstitutional.

Parents are the solution to bullying, not government legislation: thinktank

Peter Baklinski Thu Nov 29 15:45 EST Freedom

The IMFC says that the research shows that what is needed is a “family response” to bullying because “this is where real, effective change happens.”

Gibbons, Wagner cases winding their way through courts

Steve Jalsevac Thu Nov 29 12:47 EST Abortion

Court cases for Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner are slowly making their way through the courts as the two women separately face charges for recent incidents of pro-life activism. Gibbons actually has two streams of cases on the go.

Calgary Catholic schools to offer HPV vaccine despite bishop’s opposition

Patrick B. Craine Thu Nov 29 12:33 EST Faith

After a public campaign by local health workers, the trustees voted Wednesday to begin offering it to girls in grade 5 with parental consent.

For Democrats, 70 percent pro-abortion isn’t enough

Ben Johnson Thu Nov 29 20:51 EST Abortion

A New York Democrat claims Marcy Kaptur does not deserve a House leadership position, because she is too pro-life.

Pro-abortion students attempt to shut down pro-life meeting in Edinburgh

Hilary White Thu Nov 29 18:48 EST Abortion

The hosting venue, the historic Merchant’s Hall in the city centre received emails demanding that the event be cancelled, calling it a “disgrace”.

European Life and Family Roundup

Hilary White Thu Nov 29 17:55 EST Abortion

Swedish children cannot hear the name Jesus in church, Brussels bans Christmas trees to avoid offending Muslims, and more.

Japanese company offers expectant parents 3D model of their unborn child

John Jalsevac Thu Nov 29 17:23 EST Abortion

Want to hold your unborn child in your arms? Well, now you can! (Sort of.)

Three ways to kick porn out of your life

The Editors Thu Nov 29 10:31 EST imgimgimgimg