Monday, November 12, 2012

Will Obama’s Catholics Realize What They Have Done?

Will Obama’s Catholics Realize What They Have Done?

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 08:02 PM PST

First click here to watch a classic scene from the movie Brave Heart.

By Fr. John Hollowell:  Brave Heart is obviously a classic.  In the film, Robert the Bruce, the dashing young man from the video above, betrays William Wallace for money, lands, and titles.  He regrets it after looking into Wallace’s eyes and seeing the wreckage that his decision has on his country.

I firmly believe that when Catholic hospitals are closing, when priests are being arrested for not marrying Adam and Steve, when our country starts aborting children with tax money, when the Catholic Church is completely turned on and the movement by secular atheists to annihilate the Church begins in full force, then the utterly horrendous, morally bankrupt nature of the voting practices of the cafeteria Catholics will finally be realized, and a lot of Catholics who voted for Obama will say the same thing Robert Bruce said above:

“Money, lands, titles, power..nothing…those pro-life Catholics fight for something that I’ve never had, and I took it from them when I betrayed them and I saw it in their faces on the battlefield, and it’s tearing me apart.”

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