Thursday, November 15, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Thursday Nov 15 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Video: Scientists reveal the consciousness of a man in 'Persistent Vegetative State' (PVS)

Peter Baklinski Thu Nov 15 15:43 EST Bioethics

Researchers were able to communicate with Scott Routley, who is supposedly locked deep in PVS.

Obama nominates black homosexual judge to ‘ensure that the judiciary resembles the nation’

Ben Johnson Thu Nov 15 15:31 EST Homosexuality

Homosexuals are approximately three percent of the U.S. population.

Abortion-promoters knew about Savita case days before media: Leaked e-mail

Hilary White Thu Nov 15 12:36 EST Abortion

The leaked e-mail shows that Ireland's abortion campaigners were already planning to use Savita Halappanaver death to promote their cause.

A vigil for Savita urges legalisation of abortion.

Phill Kline fights for his law license today before Kansas Supreme Court

John Jalsevac Thu Nov 15 19:08 EST Abortion

"I will say that my office acted with integrity and with full compliance with ethical rules and the rules of law," Kline told the court today.

Ohio governor appoints pro-life leader to state medical board

Patrick B. Craine Thu Nov 15 13:14 EST Abortion

Republican John Kasich is defending the appointment of Ohio Right to Life's president to the state medical board.

Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life

ACLU sues to force elementary libraries to display lesbian advocacy book

Kirsten Andersen Thu Nov 15 12:09 EST Family

In Our Mothers’ House is already available to children as young as kindergarten age, with a permission slip.

The ACLU believes kindergarten-age children deserve access t

Catholic University of America prof: Romney-Ryan administration would have increased abortions

Cardinal Newman Society Thu Nov 15 09:56 EST Abortion

Stephen Schneck of Catholics for Obama has tried to downplay Catholic teachings on abortion and same-sex "marriage."

Stephen Schneck.

Development and Peace supporter bashes Vancouver Archdiocese for evangelizing instead of funding D&P

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Nov 15 16:07 EST Abortion

"Do we need to spend half a million dollars…to win back our lost sheep? Definitely not," he said.

Catholic students to meet with pro-abortion/prostitution groups on El Salvador trip: parents group

Peter Baklinski Thu Nov 15 10:33 EST Faith

“We send our kids to Catholic schools so that the teachings of our faith can be affirmed. Instead, we sadly find them being undermined," said Ottawa Catholic parent.

UNFPA 'grateful' for Obama’s re-election: letter to Susan Rice

Susan Yoshihara Thu Nov 15 16:50 EST Abortion

"We were grateful to learn that we will have continued support and vision under [Obama's] leadership," a UNFPA letter to Susan Rice states.

African women fight back against forced, coerced sterilizations

Hilary White Thu Nov 15 15:54 EST Bioethics

Among the groups cited by women in the report and in news investigations are Medicin Sans Frontiers and Marie Stopes International.

Video: Africa needs an honest discussion of abortion

HLI Staff Thu Nov 15 14:21 EST Abortion

“A lot of the times people are told it’s just a blob of tissue," said Human Life International Regional Director of French-speaking Africa George Wirnkar.

Obama won because we 'kept Independent women scared': Pro-abortion PACs

Dave Andrusko Thu Nov 15 10:25 EST Abortion

Planned Parenthood and EMILY's List boast about playing on female voters' fears.

Abby Johnson’s lawsuit exposes Planned Parenthood’s false profits

Family Research Center Thu Nov 15 10:10 EST Abortion

The former clinic manager exposes 87,000 instances of fraud in the abortion provider's dealings with the American taxpayer.

An open letter to Ann Coulter

Kristen Walker Thu Nov 15 09:53 EST Opinion

Ann. Oh, Ann. This hurts.

Thoughts on ‘forced pregnancies’

Kristi Burton Brown Thu Nov 15 09:15 EST Opinion

Some pro-aborts argue that “forced pregnancies” are not at all different from China’s One-Child Policy, which includes forced abortions.

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