Fr. Alvaro Delgado is Pastor of St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Stockton, California, a parish that is predominantly Hispanic. He delivers a weekly pro-life message on Spanish-speaking radio stations that broadcast out of Stockton and Modesto. Abortions are no longer performed on Mondays at the abortion mill discussed in this article. They are now performed Thursdays, which is when pro-lifers now keep their vigil.

Truman's future Vice President Alben W. Barkle...
Truman’s future Vice President Alben W. Barkley visits Buchenwald, shortly after its liberation by American forces on April 24, 1945 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right now in the U.S., the decision to eliminate the life of an innocent human being is made 3,500 times each and every day, with a ruthlessness resembling that of the Nazi regime. What happened in Germany is not replicated precisely in America, and we must concede that many women resort to abortion under tremendous duress, agonizing over a painful, gut-wrenching decision. But in modern-day America, human life is destroyed on a massive scale with the cruel, evil, and machine-like efficiency characteristic of the Nazis. Now as then, here as there, mere men continue to take upon themselves the god-like role of arbitrarily deciding who is worthy to live and who should die.
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