Tuesday, March 24, 2015

what planned parenthood told me when I was pregnant

March 24, 2015

Combating Sex Week On
Your Campus

By Lauren Castillo, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

Does your College host Sex Week on campus? Is the content offensive or is the event funded by your tuition and student fees? The numerous Sex Weeks that have occurred this past year have opened the eyes of many students about how offensive and even degrading these events can be. Some examples are: “Negotiating Successful Threesomes” and “How to be a Gentleman AND Get Laid”. Events like these have the potential to further perpetrate sexual assaults on campus, offend much of the student community, and do nothing to bring about meaningful change to empower young people to continue their education if they find themselves pregnant as a result from the sex that their university is promoting. If your university can support Sex Week then they need to be supporting pregnant and parenting students!

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Graduating This Spring?

Show that you are the pro-life generation by wearing a FREE Students for Life purple graduation cord with your cap and gown! You have worked hard to create enduring change on your campus by recruiting students to the pro-life movement, converting abortion proponents, and providing resources and support for pregnant and parenting students.

You deserve to acknowledge and honor that hard work at your graduation with the SFLA purple graduation cord.

Get all the graduating students in your group together and remember all the great times you shared: the late nights making posters, the early mornings praying at the abortion facility, the trips to the March for Life or Walk for Life and the Students for Life of America national conferences, and the joy of your many successes. Create one more lasting memory together with matching Students for Life graduation cords.

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"They Only Gave The Option of Abortion"

A student at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD talked with us at the Planned Parenthood Project about her experience at Planned Parenthood when she went to them when she was pregnant.

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