Friday, March 6, 2015

Spirit & Life - Zeal for Your House Will Consume Me

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As we return home from our pro-life training mission to Macau, I am reflecting on this Sunday's Lenten Gospel message from John, Chapter 2:

His disciples recalled the words of Scripture, "Zeal for your house will consume me."

Our Lord's zeal manifests here in a particularly vivid way as he kicks the money changers out of the temple, yet it can be seen throughout the Gospels with the Samaritan woman at the well, on the hillside of Northern Israel to deliver the Sermon on the Mount, indeed emanating from every passage of the Good News. We will again remember together the clearest expression of His zeal in four weeks, in the ultimate sacrifice of love, His Passion, from the Cross of Salvation where He breathed His last.

No matter where the HLI family is working to share the Gospel of Life - in Macau, Namibia, Honduras or Virginia - His zeal becomes ours when we are truly trying to build a Culture of Life. Like so many of you, our global missionaries cannot be silent about Church teaching on contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex unions, and the like. Where an opportunity exists to preach the pro-life message, we share that zeal with bishops, nuncios, priests, seminarians, consecrated religious and laity.

This week's Spirit & Life presents stories where our zeal for God shines through. Thank you for your continued prayers and support, which have contributed to the success of HLI around the world.

God bless you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International

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(Vatican Radio) In his teaching on reaching out to the poor and the marginalized, Pope Francis has stressed that human dignity must not be sacrificed for profits. But some advocates of population control argue that abortion benefits the economy and the common good. At a conference in Rome on Thursday, Joseph Meaney, the Director of International Coordination at HLI, argued that abortion not only attacks the weakest of the weak, it actually harms the economy.  -continue-
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Tributes are pouring in for Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C, who led Notre Dame University as its president for 35 years before retiring in 1986. There is much to admire in his legacy, yet much of Father Hesburgh's career, namely his consistently progressive stand on ecclesial and political matters, remains controversial. For Father Hesburgh, academic excellence and fidelity to the Catholic faith were independent, if not mutually exclusive.  -continue-
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Last October, as they had many times before, an assembly of people gathered in front of the Warr Acres' abortion clinic located in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. This time, however, they hosted the Black Madonna, a replica of Our Lady of Czestochowa, which is being brought around the world by Human Life International during the "From Ocean to Ocean in Defense of Life" campaign. The original icon has been associated with many miracles over the centuries, and the pilgrimage with the Black Madonna has also been spiritually fruitful for many who have participated in the campaign. continue -
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commemorative book, ocean to ocean
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