Friday, March 6, 2015

URGENT: A courageous archbishop is under attack!

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone needs your support...RIGHT NOW!
The courageous San Francisco archbishop is under a full-scale media attack campaign, led by gay activists and anti-Catholic dissidents.

This, simply because he dared to require that teachers in his diocese's schools follow basic Catholic teachings...including on controversial issues like abortion, marriage, and contraception!

I cannot emphasize enough how serious this attack is! The archbishop's opponents have hired a leading PR firm, and now are fomenting outright mutiny in his diocese, pushing a petition signed by teachers demanding that he repeal his plans.

We MUST fight back, and stand with the archbishop. That's why we're pushing back with a petition of our own, in collaboration with   

We urgently need YOU and tens of thousands of Catholics, pro-life and pro-family activists, and defenders of religious freedom to sign this petition!

And then, most importantly, we need you to SHARE the petition with everyone you know! Especially your pro-life or Catholic group!

The archbishop, and his opponents, need to know that he is not alone. He has tens of thousands of faithful Catholics and pro-life and pro-family activists standing with him!   

God bless you for your support.       

In Christ, the Author of Life,

Judie Brown
American Life League
P.S.  We can't let these anti-Catholic extremists get away with bullying one of the United States' most courageous and faithful bishops, simply for being a good spiritual father and doing his pastoral duty! Please, please sign this petition, and then urge others to do the same.