Thursday, August 2, 2007

From NewsBytes

New Monthly Online Magazine from Canada focusing on bioethics from a pro-life perspective

The False Choice Between Development and Daughters

A Man on a Mission for Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Brownback says rival should apologize for Catholic slur

Green Groups Want Home Depot to Pull Ads From Fox

Genie Out of the Bottle: 'U.N. Climate Change Meeting Aims at Rich Countries'

Good News from ABC: American Liberals Leaving for Canada

Malkin: Media Ignore Christian Missionaries Brutalized, Killed by Islamist Terrorists -

Muslims benefiting from double standard, says Christian law firm

A new web site offers resources to students and parents on the promotion of homosexuality in our nation's public schools.

The person trying to take Isabella away from her mother is entirely unrelated to the little girl and is essentially a total stranger.

Time Magazine Gets It Wrong: Boys Are Still In Crisis And Securing An Immoral Marketplace

You, Too Can Fight Pornography

More Indictments Against Pornographers

Homosexual bishop Gene Robinson believes the Church of England would collapse if it did away with homoerotic clergy

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