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Illinois Governor Signs Bill to Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research with Tax-payer money -stemcellaug29,1,5066275.story

RU486 Poses Risk To Women Using It /article/ru486-poses-risk-to-women-using-it/3188.htm

Lesbian Priest Among Nominees for Episcopal Bishop in Chicago /LIVING/wayoflife/08/28/episcopal.bishop.ap/index.html

Popularity of homeschooling rises nationwide
http://www.christianexaminer .com/Articles/Articles%20Sep07/Art_Sep07_02.html

Irish bishop Urges Government to Support Stay-at-home Mothers /getstory.asp?number=81664

Taliban releases Christian hostages
http://blog.christianitytoday .com/ctliveblog/

Education alone is not enough /news.php?e=434&s=2&a=9097

Morning News Shows 'Promoting' Democrats, Study Finds ure.asp?Page=/Culture/archive/200708/CUL20070829b.html

Top Scientist warns unnecessary climate change energy policies may severely damage national economies and adversely affect human health and welfare causing social tensions within and between nations /imprimis.asp

The Politics of Global Warming - It almost seems as if the issue is not in science but in ideology and social psychology - First Things /article.php3?id_article=6000 ;

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