Monday, May 19, 2008

Icon of pro-abortion movement dies in Santa Barbara

"Devoted champion of the culture of death"

Harvey Karman, a hero of the pro-abortion movement for his role in making it easier to kill unborn children, has died. Karman, who was 84, passed away on May 6 at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital following a stroke.

Karman has been idolized by the pro-abortion movement for the invention of a device – a flexible, plastic cannula -- now in wide use for vacuum-aspiration abortions, and for his willingness to defy the law and perform abortions at a time when they were illegal. He also ran an underground railroad to take women from California to Mexico for illegal clandestine abortions there. In addition, Karman is credited with assisting in the invention of do-it-yourself abortion kits and of "lunch-hour abortions," so called because of the speed at which they could be performed using his cannula.

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