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May 20, 2008  

(Lev 19:19) Keep ye my laws. Thou shalt not make thy cattle to gender with beasts of any other kind. Thou shalt not sow thy field with different seeds. Thou shalt not wear a garment that is woven of two sorts.

UK parliament backs human-animal embryo research

Britain's parliament voted on Monday to allow the creation of human-animal embryos which some scientists say are vital to research cures for diseases but critics argue pervert the course of nature.

In a separate vote, parliament also decided to allow parents of children suffering serious diseases to use in-vitro fertilization to select "savior siblings" who can act as donors for transplants to save their sick brothers and sisters.

Parliament defeated an amendment to ban inter-species research -- in which human DNA is injected into cells derived from animals -- by 336 to 176 after hours of impassioned debate on ethics versus science.

The vote means Britain retains its status as a world leader in stem cell research. Human-animal embryo research is banned in some countries including Australia, France, Germany and Italy.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown supports the creation of human-animal or "admixed" embryos but some Roman Catholic members of his government oppose the research. Brown allowed members of parliament to vote by conscience rather than on party lines.

"If we want to sustain stem cell research and bring new cures and treatments to millions of people, I believe admixed embryos are necessary," Brown argued in a newspaper article.

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Cardinal Rigali: ban 'human-animal' experiments

"The alleged promise of embryonic stem cells has already been used in attempts to justify destroying human embryos, and even to justify creating them solely for destructive research," Cardinal Rigali said.

"Now, the same utilitarian argument is being used to justify an especially troubling form of genetic manipulation, to create partly human creatures as mere objects for research or commercial use."

The cardinal added that the human-animal hybrid procedure not only "radically undermines human dignity" but makes it "impossible to determine what is human and what is not."


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Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 6- "On remembrance of death"

4. As of all foods, bread is the most essential, so the thought of death is the most necessary of all works. The remembrance of death amongst those in the midst of society gives birth to distress and meditation, and even more, to despondency. But amongst those who are free from noise, it produces the putting aside of cares and constant prayer and guarding of the mind. But these same virtues both produce the remembrance of death, and are also produced by it.   

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