Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Pill Kills!

Dear Pro-life Friends:

Yesterday was a HUGE victory for life in Colorado! Colorado for Equal Rights submitted 131,000 petition signatures in order to have the personhood amendment put on the November ballot. That is nearly DOUBLE what they needed!

Momentum is with us, folks, and as long as we keep hammering, the wall built by the Culture of Death will fall!

Congratulating Kristi Burton and Colorado for Equal Rights, Judie Brown made the following statement:

“American Life League has worked tirelessly to focus attention on the personhood of the preborn child for the past 30 years. It is therefore with the deepest sense of gratitude that we commend the leaders of Colorado for Equal Rights and Kristi Burton in particular, for the historic announcement that was made today."

"We realize that the real struggle in Colorado is just beginning and we hope to be able to assist in educating the public in that state and around the nation, regarding the definition of personhood and the real existence of the human being from the point his life begins regardless of the method of reproduction.”

"PERSONHOOD" is key!

As you all know, human life begins at the moment of fertilization. This is a scientific FACT! Emergency contraception, birth control, and all other means of preventing that tiny life from implanting are actually abortions! If we are to win the fight, PERSONHOOD from the moment of fertilization must be our standard, our rallying cry, and our focus!

June 7 is Protest the Pill Day '08: The Pill Kills Babies ( It is one event, in an entire year, but its message needs to be repeated and repeated and repeated until there is no confusion and no misunderstanding; the Pill Kills Babies, plain and simple!

The Culture of Death is not sleeping and neither should we!

Please help us make the Message of Life so loud it can no longer be ignored. Don't let the Culture of Death control the blogosphere. Talk about fertilization as the beginning of human life! Talk about Protest the Pill Day! Talk about how the Pill Kills babies! And while you're talking about these things, encourage everyone on your blogrolls to do the same. Get your friends with blogs to join in as well. Find everyone with a Christian or pro-life blog that you can possibly find and get them to do the same!

Thanks for everything you do for the babies!