Friday, February 13, 2009

News from the Trenches: From San Diego to Sacramento, prayer warriors try to rescue babies from abortion

“He relentlessly played the foulest rap songs ever created”


Family Planning Associates, San Diego, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009

We were blessed with five public prayer intercessors, three of whom were students from John Paul the Great University. On this beautiful Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, David had a miraculous turn around! The day was unbelievably slow -- so slow we thought the abortionist hadn't shown up. Approximately eight (if that) entered the mill -- many not dressed for an abortion.

As there is a new business opening at the Pyramid Center, where FPA is located, there were many contractors who stopped to find out why we were praying there. Given the opportunity, we were able to tell them that there was an abortion mill and that unborn babies were being slaughtered here. We also told them we were there to let young women know we are ready and able to help them through their entire pregnancy. Every single contractor, approximately six of them, gratefully took all the information we had -- including rosaries and Culture of Life Family Services cards. In fact, each and everyone one I spoke with had either a personal story of a near abortion, how they came to choose life or their feelings of horror at the thought of unborn babies being killed right near where they are working.

One contractor asked me if he could have several more of the pink "Before You Choose" pamphlets, which explain both the physical and emotional effects of abortion, as well as Culture of Life Family Services cards because his wife frequently speaks to young girls in crisis pregnancy situations. I gave him all that I had and told him to return this week or next so I could give him more. He said he definitely would.

Another contractor told me his son was currently in a crisis pregnancy situation and asked if I had any information in Spanish for him to give to his son. I gave him all the information I had in Spanish, several rosaries and a Culture of Life Family Services card. I explained to him all the help available for his son and his son's girlfriend. He expressed his gratitude.

Another young woman informed me she was in a prayer group and while she, herself, would never have an abortion, knew of a young woman, "J," who had and was in deep distress and asked for prayers for her. In addition to letting her know I would pray for her young friend "J," I gave her a flier on Rachel's Hope and explained what it was about and who was involved and how important it was she contact them. She said she felt our meeting was providential, and that she would join us in prayer.

Around 9:30 I spoke with two women heading to the mill. I gave them our blue pamphlet on the abortionist and explained a few malpractice cases to them. I also gave them a COLFS card and told them a little about Dr. Delgado. Neither of them said very much, but I could tell they were a little concerned about this abortionist. So both women went inside FPA, but about five minuets later they came out and left!

-- David

Planned Parenthood, San Diego, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009

Led by a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, about 35 prayer warriors braved the cold and rain to walk in procession from Our Lady of the Rosary to Planned Parenthood at First and Grape streets. After shouting obscenities at us, an agitated man whose wife/girlfriend had gone up to the mill, pulled up next to us, opened the car door, and blasted us with about 90 decibels of rap music. We upped our voices in a battle to be heard, while he relentlessly played the foulest rap songs ever created. The Planned Parenthood manager came out, clearly perturbed at all of the noise, but apparently didn’t want to call the police on one of her own customers, since he was harassing us. After about seven or eight decades of the Rosary, he finally turned down the volume, perhaps realizing that his ears and those of his two small children in the car with him were getting pummeled, while we were just praying louder.

About 20 women took literature from the sidewalk counselor before and during our three Rosaries at the mill. When it came time for the procession to return to the church, two of the prayer warriors stayed behind and spoke with the man who was trying to drown out our prayers, who by then had calmed down. He ended up taking some literature on Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS), but did not retrieve his wife from the mill. Please pray for him, his family, and his unborn child.

-- Roger

Women’s Health Specialists, Sacramento, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009

Mary, the team captain at the Wright Street Vigil Site (Women’s Health Specialists, 1750 Wright St.), reported that a woman changed her mind and decided to keep her baby, rather than go through with her abortion on Saturday, a busy abortion day, due to the prayerful presence of many Christians, some even from Colfax!

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Contact the team captains to get your church involved in this loving, life-saving ministry!

-- Wynette Sills, 40 Days for Life Sacramento