Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama's Science-Based Sex Education

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- During his speech to Planned Parenthood, Barack Obama made reference to teaching "science-based sex education" to "kindergartners" calling it "the right thing to do." Former Dept. of Justice researcher, Dr. Judith Reisman claims that the "science" behind Obama's sex education comes from 20th century pseudo- scientist, Alfred C. Kinsey, who trained pedophiles to molest children while using stopwatches to collect his so-called "scientific" data.

Reisman says: "This research created the entire sex education profession and is still in use today." Her testimony forms the backbone of a new documentary titled, "The Kinsey Syndrome," a film that MOVIEGUIDE calls "one of the most important productions of the 21st century," and that this film should be given to "every judge, every member of Congress, and all the officials in government."

Dr. Reisman claims that "our kids are being educated by information based on massive sex crimes against children, and the truth is still being covered up."

"The Kinsey Syndrome" documents this decades old cover-up, revealing the Congressional investigation into Kinsey during the 1950's. The effort was shut down by Congressman, Wayne Hays who later retired in disgrace over a sex scandal. Dr. Reisman experienced similar sabotage when she worked as a principle investigator for the Department of Justice, researching the child abuse imagery found in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines. Liberal politics and far left media assaulted her as she attempted to expose the activities of big porno during the Reagan Administration.

Now that President Barack Obama has nominated David Ogden (a porn lawyer who has defended Playboy and Penthouse for years) to the second in command at the Department of Justice, Reisman believes the situation for America's women and children will go from bad to worse. Ogden led Obama's transition team for the Department of Justice. "These are team players," says Reisman. "Whether Ogden gets the appointment or not, the team he put in place will be based on his Playboy philosophy, which is founded on Kinsey."

Reisman's reference pertains to Hugh Hefner's assertion that he was "Kinsey's Pamphleteer" popularizing the Kinsey philosophy through Playboy Magazine. Hefner further maintains that he and Kinsey together launched the Sexual Revolution.

Dr. Judith Reisman is a scientific advisor for the California Protective Parents Association. More information on her and the shocking new documentary, "The Kinsey Syndrome" can be found at

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