Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Belated Christmas Thank you!



Greetings from Mary's Shelter!



We are still playing catch-up after the holidays and have several important shout-outs to make!


Somehow amid all the hustle and bustle, we forgot to announce these lovely ladies:


Baby Zoey, born December 9, 2011 


sabrina's dd
Baby Jaliyah, born December 19, 2011 

 And this little man:

Baby Jerome, born December 28, 2011 



   photos courtesy of Lori Elizabeth Photography 



Christmas Thanks

We have so many people to thank for making Christmas at Mary's Shelter so special for our ladies and their children.  It means so much to them to have the love and support of such a caring and generous community.


*Thank you to St. Mary Catholic Church and St. Matthew Catholic Church for including Mary's Shelter on their Christmas Giving trees, and to the students of St. Francis of Assisi School for collecting so many gifts, gift cards and diapers.  We were amazed by the amount of beautifully wrapped gifts, and so grateful for the gift cards which we depend upon all year to purchase bedding, toiletries, and household cleaners.  Thank you for your generosity!


*Thank you, once again, to Adele Anderson for organizing the third annual Mary's Shelter Arts and Craft Bazaar.  What a success!


*Thank you to "The Ladybugs" for the beautiful Christmas baby baskets.


*Thank you to the lovely ladies of Winning Image Hair Salon and independent Mary Kay consultant Brie Austin for organizing a Day of Beauty for our residents, and for showering them with such thoughtful, personalized gifts.  


*Another shout-out to Brie Austin and her grandfather for donating a car to one of our residents!  This is going to make a huge difference in her life.  Thank you!  


* Thanks to our awesome volunteer housemother, Maggie Kane, for funding and organizing a field trip for our residents and their children to the Christian Youth Theater production of "A Christmas Carol".  Such a beautiful gift! 


*Thank you to one of our most faithful and tireless volunteers, Kelly Valko, for taking our ladies to see a Christmas movie.


*A big thank you to our storage room volunteers, Monica Felock and Rita Pinion, for turning a frightening mess of a storage room into a tidy and organized space where our mothers can "shop" for their babies without tripping over bags or digging through endless bins.   


*A big shout-out to Kris and Carlton Bullock, our housemother and handyman duo, for getting all of the houses ready and decorated for Christmas.


*Special thanks to Lori Fowlkes of Lori Elizabeth Photography for creating our stunning Christmas card this year!


*Thank you to St. Patrick Catholic Church for all the canned goods, and especially parishioner Jim Duffy for all the food and gift card contributions that really helped our mothers so much this Christmas.  Thanks also to the St. Pat's Boy Scout troop for inviting us to the delicious cake tasting contest, as well as for the donated diapers and baby items. 


*Thank you to Powell's Furniture for helping us update some of our shelters with some fabulous furniture donations.  


*Thank you to St. Michael the Archangel High School for raising money for the shelters.


*And thank you to everyone who contributed to the Christmas Spiritual Bouquet in Honor of Matthew Wise, and to everyone who helped put together the beautiful scrapbook for the Wise family.  Your prayers and contributions are deeply appreciated.  




Another Round of Thanks  


We would like to to take this opportunity to thank everyone who, in small ways and big, helps keep Mary's Shelter running all year. 


*Thank you to our Monday Night Madness babysitters!  Special shout-outs to our regulars - Helen Rathgeb and the UMW Students for Life.  


*Special thanks to Miss Jeannie for shuttling our residents back and forth each week so they can attend their Monday night classes. 


*Thank you to our Monday Night Madness knitting instructors - Ginny Foreman, Jennifer J., Erin Cork and Barb Frasher.


*Big thanks to Regina Hiney for leading the Mary's Shelter Book Club every month.  


*Thank you to the many guest speakers and class instructors who have blessed our residents with their knowledge and expertise. 


*Thank you to the ladies of the La Leche League for giving so much of your time to our residents.


*Thanks to the Angels Watching Ministry for coming to minister to our ladies on such a regular basis. 


*Thank you to Amanda Winn of Amanda Winn Doula Services and Carrie Santiago for teaching parenting classes every month and organizing monthly baby celebrations.


*Another shout-out to Amanda Winn for recruiting an amazing team of doulas to assist our ladies during and after birth. 


*Thank you to all of the personal volunteers who meet regularly with one specific resident.  There are so many of you, and we are deeply grateful for your dedication.


*Thank you to our landlords!  We appreciate you taking a risk and renting your homes to a shelter, and we hope we have earned your trust.


*Thank you to our staff!  You have a tough job sometimes, and we really appreciate your steadfast loyalty to Mary's Shelter.


*Thank you to our Board of Directors for your words of wisdom and helpful guidance.  


*Thanks to all of our material donors.  You help keep our residents clothed, our babies diapered, and our homes filled with nice things. 


*A huge shout-out to all of our financial  donors.  We simply could not keep the doors open without the funding you provide month after month.  Thank you for your ongoing dedication and support! 



From all of us at Mary's Shelter, Thank you and God Bless!

small 18 kids
Here are the 18 beautiful children currently living at Mary's Shelter.

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