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Monday, January 30, 2012

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* The Washington Post’s ‘angry nun’ revealed - John Jalsevac
* End game: Obama machine tries to block graphic abortion Super Bowl ads - Jill Stanek

BREAKING: Starbucks coffee co. officially backs gay ‘marriage’

John-Henry Westen Mon Jan 30 16:12 EST Homosexuality

A letter from Starbucks' executive vice president says that the company is "proud" to support Washington's controversial gay "marriage" bill.

Washington Post’s own ombudsman criticizes paper’s March for Life coverage

John Jalsevac Mon Jan 30 12:11 EST Abortion

Ombudsman Patrick Pexton says that the Washington Post gave an “incomplete picture” of the March for Life in both its print story and online photo gallery.

Occupy Wall Street protesters throw condoms, drown out speakers at Rhode Island pro-life rally

Ben Johnson Mon Jan 30 09:59 EST Abortion

The event marked the third time protesters associated with the movement have disrupted a pro-life meeting in a week.

New Hampshire bill would protect Christian wedding vendors from gay ‘marriage’ lawsuits

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jan 30 17:07 EST Faith

The bill comes at a timely moment for the gay “marriage” issue in New Hampshire, as efforts to repeal the gay “marriage” bill have stalled in the legislature.

Planned Parenthood purchases NYC headquarters for $35 million

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jan 30 16:30 EST Abortion

Although legally a nonprofit organization, Planned Parenthood reported over $1 billion in net assets in 2009-10 according to its latest annual report.

Washington state committee approves gay ‘marriage’ bill: senate expected to pass

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jan 30 15:38 EST Freedom

The bill would force church-run facilities to open their doors to homosexual couples seeking marriage.

Europeans cross oceans to join U.S. March for Life

Ben Johnson Mon Jan 30 14:44 EST Abortion

One German pro-life activist told that he has been attending the March for Life for at least 10 years.

Arizona bishop: Catholics ‘will not comply’ with Obama birth control mandate

Christine Dhanagom Mon Jan 30 13:38 EST Abortion

The mandate would require all employers, including Catholic employers, to include coverage for contraception, including abortifacient drugs, and sterilizations.

Austin passes new anti-crisis pregnancy center ordinance; pro-lifers promise fight

Ben Johnson Mon Jan 30 10:28 EST Abortion

Last week, the city of Austin repealed one speech-chilling ordinance targeting the city's crisis pregnancy centers – and replaced it with another.

British people, of all or no faiths, must unite to defeat gay ‘marriage’

John Smeaton Mon Jan 30 18:44 EST Opinion

David Cameron and his government are intending to redefine marriage without even the fig leaf of an electoral mandate.

Adultery, underage sex and lying not a problem for more modern Britons

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Jan 30 17:37 EST Abortion

In 2000, seven out of ten people said an adulterous affair could never be justified. By 2011 that figure had dropped to around five out of ten.

What does abortion have to do with Dr. King’s dream? Everything.

Fr. Frank Pavone Mon Jan 30 13:10 EST Opinion

It is no accident that descendants of those who fought for freedom and justice recognize that the same battle is reincarnated today in the pro-life struggle.

‘Incompatible with Life’ is a judgment not a diagnosis

Nancy Mayer-Whittington Mon Jan 30 10:52 EST Opinion

The term can convey a message that there is no choice but to terminate the pregnancy. But choice has to include the right to choose to carry to term your unborn baby with a poor prenatal diagnosis.

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