Monday, January 30, 2012

Heroic News: “Obama machine struggles to blow abortion ads during Super Bowl” plus 6 more

Obama machine struggles to blow abortion ads during Super Bowl


Posted: 30 Jan 2012 11:53 AM PST

Six days from today graphic ads showing the reality of abortion will air before, during, or after the Super Bowl in at least 17 metropolitan areas across 10 states. Those states shall at this point rename nameless, because the Obama machine is now trying to block the ads.

HHS mandate meant to 'squeeze churches out of healthcare biz'


Posted: 30 Jan 2012 06:58 AM PST

Two U.S. Congressmen, one Democrat and one Republican, have urged conservatives in strong terms to immediately fight the Obama mandate forcing religious institutions to provide free abortifacient birth control, calling it a “very, very real” threat to religious freedom.

Santorum: daughter Bella has made 'miraculous' turnaround


Posted: 30 Jan 2012 06:54 AM PST

Rick Santorum made his first public comments on the health of his youngest daughter, Isabella, this evening on a tele-town hall with voters, saying she has had a “miraculous turnaround.”

Baby weighing nearly 14 pounds born in Iowa


Posted: 30 Jan 2012 06:41 AM PST

An Iowa woman has given birth to a boy weighing 13 pounds and 13 ounces—without the aid of surgery.

Japan's population faces dramatic decline, falling birthrates


Posted: 30 Jan 2012 06:35 AM PST

Japan's population will shrink by a staggering 30% by 2060, according to a new estimate by the country's government. The current population will shrink from the current level of 128 million to 86.74 million, as the graying nation's aging accelerates and the birthrate continues to stay low.

Afghan woman allegedly killed for bearing daughter

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 06:33 AM PST

Officials say an Afghan man has strangled his wife to death, apparently because she gave birth to a second daughter rather than the son he had hoped for.

Alternatives for same-sex unions that don't require destroying marriage

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 06:01 AM PST

I never thought I would be called an extremist because I believed that marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage and the family are cornerstones of our culture that reach back more than 7,000 years.