Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood abortion center closing!


Dear Deacon,

Sue Thayer did something that no other local 40 Days
for Life leader had ever done before. She led the fall
2011 campaign outside the Planned Parenthood abortion
center in Storm Lake, Iowa ...

... a facility she used to manage!

More on Sue's story in just a bit. She just e-mailed
me with exciting news.

The local newspaper is reporting that the Planned
Parenthood facility in Storm Lake ...

... the one Sue used to manage ...

... the one where Sue led the 40 Days for Life vigil ...

... is CLOSING its doors for good on March 1!

That's right. This location is GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!

This is the 21st abortion center where a 40 Days for
Life vigil has been conducted that will be closing its
doors forever.

"Wow!" Sue said in her e-mail. "Of course the clinic
is closing! God hears our prayers and He answers! No
more telemed abortions on Erie Street! Yay God!!"

If you haven't heard of telemed abortions, it's one of
Planned Parenthood's tactics for spreading abortion to
rural areas to increase abortion numbers and revenues.

The abortions happen when an abortionist speaks to a
woman via webcam over the Internet. They're each at
computer terminals, miles apart, and the "doctor"
never physically examines or cares for his "patient."

After a video interview, the abortionist pushes a
button at his location. That opens a locked drawer
next to the computer where the woman is watching ...
a drawer containing the dangerous RU-486 abortion pill.

The woman then takes the pill to begin what Planned
Parenthood calls a "medication abortion."

Sue Thayer had managed the Planned Parenthood office in
Storm Lake. She used to think that Planned Parenthood
provided valuable services for women and that the
organization truly wanted to prevent abortions (the
Storm Lake location did not previously do abortions).

That all changed when Planned Parenthood mandated
telemed abortions for her facility. Sue expressed her
concern -- and the abortion chain promptly fired her.

After a time of healing, prayer and discernment, Sue
signed up to lead the 40 Days for Life campaign outside
her former workplace this past fall.

Sue was just profiled this past weekend in an article
in the Des Moines Register. You can read the story at:


Just days after that article appeared -- and less than
three months after Sue finished leading the 40 Days for
Life campaign outside the Storm Lake Planned Parenthood
-- the closure was announced.

"Let's all take some time to thank God for His unending
love and faithfulness," Sue said. "40 Days For Life was
a blessing to each and every person who prayed. Now the
Lord has answered with a resounding YES to our petition
to end abortion in Storm Lake. Praise the Lord!"

AMEN, Sue!

In just three weeks, the next 40 Days for Life campaign
begins. Watch VERY SOON for the list of communities that
will be taking part ...

... and maybe -- through your prayers and participation
-- YOUR community will be the next one praising God for
the closure of the local abortion center.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for this next
campaign, Deacon!

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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