Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Today’s blog posts:

What the…? The only people at the March for Life were…abortion supporters?!? - John Jalsevac

‘The Rebellion’: Thousands upon thousands of youth dominate March for Life - Kathleen Gilbert

Fr. Pavone expects dispute with bishop to be resolved ‘relatively soon’

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jan 25 17:52 EST Abortion

Pavone, who appeared at the March for Life in Washington, told LifeSiteNews that Bishop Zurek has clarified that in the meantime he is "not in prison" and is free to travel.

I used to be pro-choice, but then the partial-birth abortion debate happened

Carol Maxwell Wed Jan 25 10:33 EST Opinion

I can no longer sit on the sidelines and expect other people to fight the battle to protect the lives of tiny human beings.

Catholic parish bans Girl Scout troops over ties to Planned Parenthood

Patrick B. Craine Wed Jan 25 08:26 EST Abortion

Church leaders have been warning that participation in the Girl Scouts risks opening young women to the pro-abortion agenda because the organization's approach to sexuality and "reproductive freedom".

Missouri sees lowest number of abortions since Roe v Wade

John-Henry Westen Wed Jan 25 18:15 EST Abortion

Pro-life leaders in the area credited a mass media campaign among other initiatives as being responsible for the saving of more than 1000 babies from abortion.

Parents could face jail for spanking under proposed Mississippi law: HSLDA

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Jan 25 17:41 EST Family

HSLDA says it is concerned that the terms “bodily harm” and “reasonable discipline” are not defined in the proposed law, leaving it up to a judge to decide when a parent has crossed the line.

Orthodox Christians take high-visibility role in the March for Life

The Editors Wed Jan 25 12:18 EST Abortion

“I hope next year we have a greater participation from other Orthodox jurisdictions,” Fr. Chad Hatfield told

African genocide: Planned Parenthood to ramp up African ‘abortion services’ by 82%

Peter Baklinski Wed Jan 25 16:42 EST Abortion

“IPPF is only interested in spreading abortion to every country where abortion is illegal. That is their main is really their only focus,” Abby Johnson told LifeSiteNews.

Update: Famed Chinese forced abortion opponent can’t visit gravely ill mother

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jan 25 16:16 EST Abortion

Chen's case was recently launched into the national spotlight when actor Christian Bale was roughed up by government operatives after he tried to visit Chen.

New Spanish government to roll back abortion legislation for first time in history

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Wed Jan 25 15:55 EST Abortion

The news of the new initiative was greeted with cautious optimism by Spain's largest pro-life organization, Right to Life (Derecho a Vivir).

Words of death: ‘it’s a girl!’

Kristi Burton Brown Wed Jan 25 14:37 EST Opinion

Women killing women. What a sad world “choice” has brought us.

How to make the end of abortion the end of unwanted children

Kristen Walker Wed Jan 25 14:03 EST Opinion

By the time that beautiful day arrives when abortion is ended, we must have already begun to educate the people of our country about the priceless gift of adoption.

Mexican Supreme Court says states have no right to sue against homosexual ‘marriage’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Wed Jan 25 11:44 EST Homosexuality

Currently states must recognize homosexual marriages contracted in Mexico City, despite the fact that gay "marriage" is not legal in any of the states.

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