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Monday, January 23, 2012

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Brave New World: UK ethicist wants women to abandon motherhood, use artificial wombs

Peter Baklinski Mon Jan 23 14:46 EST Bioethics

“Pregnancy is a condition that causes pain and suffering, and that affects only women," says Dr. Anna Smajdor.

Pro-abortion ‘Occupy’ group disrupts March for Life Youth Rally

Ben Johnson Mon Jan 23 12:09 EST Abortion

Amidst chants of ‘occupy anti-choice’ and ‘pro-life, that’s a lie you don’t care if women die’, organizers instructed the youth not to react but to pray as security was called.

Obama praises ‘fundamental constitutional right’ to abortion

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jan 23 09:03 EST Abortion

The president marked the "historic" anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision in a statement Sunday.

Video: ‘The enthusiasm; the singing; the chanting!’ – Joe Scheidler praises March for Life crowd

John Jalsevac Mon Jan 23 19:01 EST Abortion

“It’s a rainy miserable day, and yet it hasn’t bothered anybody,” Scheidler said.

Shock: estimated 54,559,615 abortions since Roe v. Wade

John Jalsevac Mon Jan 23 18:21 EST Abortion

Dave Andrusko, the editor of National Right to Life News, said that the number is “so huge that we can’t really come to grips with it.”

Pennsylvania Bishop slams public schools, says Hitler and Mussolini would ‘love our system’

Christine Dhanagom Mon Jan 23 16:49 EST Faith

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, widely considered a pro-life champion, has also been a vocal supporter of school choice.

Illinois abortion clinic crackdown in response to ‘House of Horrors’ closes two facilities

Christine Dhanagom Mon Jan 23 16:06 EST Abortion

A representative with the Illinois Department of Public Health told the AP that the Gosnell case gave the Department “focus” and motivation to inspect the state’s abortion facilities.

‘Mr. President, killing babies is not an American value!’

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jan 23 13:21 EST Abortion

U.S. Congressman Chris Smith told a rain-soaked crowd at the March for Life Rally Monday to expect serious repercussions for the pro-life movement if President Obama remains in power following the "watershed" election of 2012.

Two women injured in Alabama: run-down abortion clinic has no gurney access

John Jalsevac Mon Jan 23 12:13 EST Abortion

"This incident proves yet again ... how much regulation is needed to close unsafe mills like New Woman All Woman,’” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Ave Maria Law School Chaplain at Life Summit: ‘This is an Obamination of an Administration’

Steve Jalsevac Mon Jan 23 09:14 EST Abortion

“We must now take action before it’s too late. We will not be bullied," Fr. Michael Orsi told the Law of Life Summit in Washington on Saturday.

BC court dismisses appeal by pro-lifers convicted of violating abortion ‘bubble zone’

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Jan 23 16:24 EST Abortion

"I have no doubt that if our free speech case had not been not related to the abortion issue, we would win easily," said Don Spratt.

‘Abortion is as American as apple pie’ - the Culture of Death finds a voice

Albert Mohler Mon Jan 23 17:39 EST Opinion

"A decision so vital it was worth stopping that heart." That's how pro-abort Merle Hoffman describes abortion.

Record turnout for Paris March for Life: unprecedented support from Catholic Church

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Mon Jan 23 17:06 EST Abortion

In 2009 the Cardinal-archbishop of Paris had distance himself from the March for Life, but this year for the first time expressed his support.

To Planned Parenthood: Keep your abortion-grubbing hands off my continent!

Emil Hagamu Mon Jan 23 13:43 EST Opinion

We do not want our continent to be a dumping ground for contraceptives and condoms; we do not need to be sterilized; we do not need abortion.

Pro-abortion vs. pro-life ‘extremism’: which is more extreme?

Lucy LeFever Mon Jan 23 12:59 EST Opinion

I still remember my first discussion with an avid pro-abort. “Obviously you ‘pro-lifers’ don’t care about life, because you bomb abortion clinics!” she said to me.

A message to pro-choice advocates: Women are not fragile flowers!

Faye Sonier Mon Jan 23 10:32 EST Abortion

Wake up, pro-choice advocates. Canadian women are intelligent, bright and sensible. We do not need you to protect us from the realities of abortion.

Some good news on the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Chuck Colson Mon Jan 23 10:27 EST Opinion

Yesterday marked the thirty-ninth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s hideous decision to legalize abortion on demand in the United States.

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